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Bridal Style Package

This package is designed specifically for brides and aims to find your dream wedding outfit, as well as provide you with the techniques needed to feel confident all day long.

Every bride deserves to be themselves and feel confident on their big day; to feel amazing inside and out as they walk down the aisle - if you would like to achieve these feelings on one of the most special days of your life, then the Bridal Style package is ideal for you.

Note: if your another member of the wedding party, then please feel free to look at the Occasion Makeover Package, as this will better suit your needs.

The Bridal Style Package includes the following sessions:

Session 01:

Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style

After getting to know each other, we will discover your style likes, dislikes and "Style Personality", in preparation for finding you a bridal dress that reflects you as a person.

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Session 02:

Body Shape and Undertone Analysis

After discovering your unique body shape, I will advise you on which bridal styles would best emphasise your figure; examine your skin undertone, to find bridal shades that harmonise with your complexion, as well as make a shopping plan of required items for your outfit.

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Session 03:

Hair and Make-Up Planning

We will discuss and plan your make-up look and hairstyle for the big day (in readiness for making salon and make-up artistry appointments), as well as any top to toe grooming routines you would like to conduct prior.

Session 04:

Confidence Coaching

We will examine your current confidence levels, before I teach you some skills and techniques to help you stay focused and feeling confident on your big day.

Session 05:

Personal Shopping Experience

The exciting part - where we will visit a bridal shop or boutique of your choice, to find your dream wedding dress and accompanying accessories.

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Session 06:

Physiology Coaching and Bridal Look Review

I will help you to ensure that your body language conveys confidence prior to the big day and that your outfit is complete, with all relevant appointments booked.

What This Package Contains

Session 01: Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style: £40 for 1 Hour​

Session 02: Body Shape and Undertone Analysis: £60 for 90 Minutes

Session 03: Hair and Make-Up Planning: £60 for 90 Minutes​

Session 04: Confidence Coaching: £60 for 90 Minutes​

Session 05: Personal Shopping Experience: £120 for 3 Hours​

Session 06: Physiology Coaching and Bridal Look Review: £40 for 1 Hour

Total: £380 [9 and a Half Hours]

All plans are charged on a session by session basis (with a 50% deposit kindly asked for prior to a session and the other 50% paid during) and are flexible in terms of session frequency, to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Note: my virtual bridal option is £220 (5 and a half hours) and only includes sessions 1 to 4

Contact Louise at Jade Style Coaching™ for a FREE 15 minute telephone or video discussion and begin to invest towards your dream bridal look today.

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