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Deluxe Session Choices

So whether you already know which one off session(s) you are interested in enrolling on or are new to Style Coaching™ and would like to try a session before booking one of my packages - please feel free to browse my Deluxe Sessions and make that first step to beginning your Style and Lifestyle journey today!

Note: all my sessions (with the exception of Wardrobe De-Cluttering) can be conducted in-person or online


Initial Consultation

(£52 for 90 Minutes)

Let's get to know one another by discussing your style needs and challenges, as well as the lifestyle changes you would like to make. During this session, we will work through a series of written exercises and discussions to help you set goals relevant to where you would like to progress to, before creating your own Style and Lifestyle plan, adapted to your individual needs. This session is recommended for you if you are new to Style Coaching™ and need a little help in deciding which sessions best suit your needs.

Book an Initial Consultation today to see how Style Coaching™ could benefit you.

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Defining Your Personal Style

(£52 for 90 Minutes)

If you have previously struggled to create a personal style that expresses who you are as a person or you are curious as to what your "Style Personality" is - then this session is for you. During this session, we will discuss your current style (including likes and dislikes); how to define your ideal look and gain style inspiration, before identifying your "Style Personality", with tips on how to dress for it. By the end of this session, you will have defined an ideal style authentic to you.

Book a Defining Your Personal Style session to create your own authentic style today.

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Body Shape Analysis

(£52 for 90 Minutes)

If you have ever struggled to find clothes that really enhance your unique body shape and make you feel confident each time they are worn - then this session is ideal for you. I will help you to discover your body shape and teach you which styles will work with you (not against you), as well as those that would help you to appear taller, younger, slimmer etc. We will also look at how to choose the right foundation garments and accessories for your body shape (with tips on mixing and matching accessories to express your personality) and how you can spot correctly and incorrectly fitted clothing items.

Book a Body Shape Analysis session today to learn how to dress to enhance rather than to hide.


Colour Analysis

(£70 for 2 Hours)

If you are curious why some colours appear to harmonise and brighten your features, whilst others make you appear washed out and tired - then this session is for you. We will discuss the basic elements of colour theory (including how to create colour schemes that reflect your personality within your outfits), before I use my tonal colour drapes (or virtual swatches for online sessions) to identify your colour season. At the end of this session, you will receive your own e-colour selector card (and mini colour swatch for in-person analyses), full of colours that will enhance you and your complexion. 

Book a Colour Analysis session today to discover your WOW colour palette.


Body Image Coaching

(£70 for 2 Hours)

If you can recount occasions whereby you felt self-conscious and discontent with what you saw in the mirror and you regularly make several negative remarks about your "flaws", then this session is for you. During this session, we will assess your past body image associations, before I help you to: reframe how you feel about your body; find your true, inner beauty; learn to love the person that you are by focusing on your positive qualities; observe the benefits of positive visualisation in becoming more body confident, before teaching you a variety of confidence building exercises.

Book a Body Image Coaching session today to begin to love yourself and the person that you are.

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Self-Esteem and Confidence Coaching

(£70 for 2 Hours)

If you can relate to feeling undeserving of achievement and often have a harsh, negative perception of yourself - then this session is for you. During this session, we will assess your current confidence levels, before I help you to: develop a healthier self-esteem; recognise your "inner critic" and reframe your negative, self-limiting thoughts into more positive ones; see the benefits of positive visualisation on your confidence; become aware of the impact of negative body language and how to avoid it, as well as how to recognise your own self-worth and achievements.

Book a Self-Esteem and Confidence Coaching session today and start challenging your inner critic and live the life you deserve.

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Life Coaching

(£70 for 2 Hours)

If you can relate to feeling unfulfilled; lacking direction and clarity within your life and often find it difficult to maintain the motivation needed to achieve your goals - then this session is for you. During this session, we will assess the extent to which you are satisfied with different areas of your life, before I help you to: challenge and reframe any negative, self-limiting beliefs that you hold; identify and set goals to achieve that are in line with your needs and values; consider the consequences of taking action and not taking action; sustain the motivation and momentum needed to make lasting changes in your life, as well as realise the benefits of visualisation and anchoring techniques in attaining your goals.

Book a Life Coaching session today and start living the fulfilled life that you deserve.


Hair and Make-Up Planning

(£52 for 90 Minutes)

If you feel a little lost when it comes to make-up, haircare and skincare routines and have had the same look for as long as you remember - then this session is ideal for you. During this session, we will identify your face, eye and lip shapes and your skin and hair types (with relevant product type recommendations and tips for each), in addition to the following:

  • Basic make-up application advice for your skin type and face shape.

  • Basic hair care and styling advice for your hair type and face shape.

  • Basic skincare and top to toe grooming advice, including daily and weekly routine and third party treatment suggestions.

Book a Hair and Make-Up Planning session today and pamper yourself.


Wardrobe Analysis

(£52 for 90 Minutes)

If you have been guilty of impulse purchasing and feel many of the clothes in your wardrobe don't suit you or your lifestyle - then this session is for you. Using pre-taken photos and a pre-filled in wardrobe inventory checklist, we will virtually analyse your existing wardrobe to see what items you already own and where gaps are present, before we formulate a shopping plan full of items suitable for you and your lifestyle. I will also teach you financially efficient shopping habits (including how to build a capsule wardrobe) and how to de-clutter your own wardrobe.

Book a Wardrobe Analysis session today to begin planning towards a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.

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Wardrobe De-Cluttering

(£90-£105 for 3 Hours)

If you often struggle to find anything in your wardrobe (especially when you're in a hurry); are unsure which clothes and accessories you currently own and have tendencies to purchase items impulsively without prior planning - then this session is for you. During this session, we will take a look at your wardrobe space and I will teach you (via demonstrations and guidance) how you could re-organise your space, so that you can form outfits more easily, using existing items that suit you. We will create an inventory of your existing items; identify any significant gaps in your wardrobe, before forming a shopping plan that will reflect your needs and lifestyle. I will also provide you with tips on how to build wardrobe capsules; finding suitable storage solutions, as well as how to care for your garments. By the end of this session, you will have an organised wardrobe space, full of clothes that suit you and your lifestyle.

Note: this session is only available to clients enroled on the Complete Style and Lifestyle or Style and Choose packages.

wardrobe photo 5.jpg


Personal Shopping Experience: In-Person

(£105 for 3 Hours)

If you struggle to navigate clothing stores; often feel lost looking at rows of clothing rails; aimlessly picking up random items just because they catch your eye and find shopping to be a stressful experience, since you can never find what you're looking for (never mind the changing rooms) - then a personal shopping trip might be what you need. As your personal shopper, I will teach you how to navigate clothing shops and department stores; help you to develop a healthier, more financially efficient relationship with shopping, as well as guide you in finding styles that suit your personality, body shape, colouring, budget and lifestyle.

Whether you require an outfit for an occasion or a full wardrobe, book a Personal Shopping Experience today.


Personal Shopping: Online

(£105 for 3 Hours)

An online personal shopping session is an alternative to in-person shopping for those of you who live further away or have busy, hectic lifestyles and would perhaps struggle to find the time to visit the shops. As your Style Coach™, I will spend three hours completing online shopping research on your behalf, looking for styles that suit your personality, body shape, colour characteristics, budget and lifestyle. I will create a series of vision boards, with links and references to where these items can be purchased from. After completion, I will email you a copy of these boards and we will have a follow-up telephone or video call to discuss the findings and gain feedback.


Whether you require an occasion outfit or inspiration for your wardrobe, book an Online Personal Shopping session today. 

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