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Gift Experience

Are you looking for a unique present to give to someone you care about?

A screenshot of the front side of a Jade Style Coaching™ gift experience certificate

Well look no further, as I might have the answer to your gift dilemma…

I’m guessing that you’re someone who likes to put a little thought into selecting gifts for your friends and family.


You like to look for presents that are different and would provide a memorable experience.

I understand the importance of choosing a gift that your special someone would both learn from and enjoy!

With a Jade Style Coaching™ Gift Certificate, you can choose from a Colour Analysis or Personal Shopping Experience, whereby your gift recipient will learn either of the following:

How to select colours that will best enhance their skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour.


How to create and shop for a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories that enhance your shape, style and natural colouring

Now, here’s what each Gift Experience includes:

Colour Analysis Experience

A tonal colour analysis will involve me using my colour drapes and tools to discover their dominant and secondary colourings, in order to identify their colour season. 

During their Colour Analysis Experience, we’ll also look at:

  • How to choose colours based on their colour season and wear them with confidence.

  • Discovering their personal list of “Wow Colours” (you know the colours that look absolutely amazing on them).

  • Identifying their most flattering neutral colours.

  • How they can confidently wear existing colours in their wardrobe.

  • How they can utilise the colour wheel to create effortless outfit colour combinations.

Plus after their experience, they’ll receive their own mini colour season wallet (perfect for carrying in their handbag) and a downloadable digital colour season selector card.

As an additional bonus, I’ll work on creating a bespoke list of their most harmonising colours (with matching digital colour swatch) and email it to them afterwards.

Duration: 2 – 2 ½ hours 

A Fan of Multi-Coloured Drapes Used During a Tonal Colour Analysis Session
A snapshot of a department store display, with one mannequin on either side, a clothing rail at the back and a table display at the centre front.
Personal Shopping Experience

Whether they find going round the shops to be frustrating, stressful or confusing, a personal shopping trip will help them fall in love with clothes shopping…

Their Personal Shopping Experience will include:

  • A telephone call before to discuss: their style challenges; whether they’re after a special occasion outfit or items for their everyday wardrobe and which shops we will visit.

  • Research beforehand: I’ll take a trip around the shops myself; to take note of clothing styles and accessories that I feel would work for them and are worth trying on.

  • Spending four hours browsing the shops at our chosen location.

  • Time for a coffee!

  • Plus a follow-up telephone call to gain feedback on any purchases made and their recommended next steps.

Duration: pencil 4 hours in your diary

Gift Experience Options

Colour Analysis Experience: £170

Half Day Personal Shopping Experience (Four Hours): £275

Full Day Personal Shopping Experience (Six Hours): £325

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I request my gift experience certificate?

Feel free to drop me an email ( or give me a ring to request your certificate.


What are your payment and delivery terms?

I have facilities to take online payments, so you would be sent a link via email that will lead you to the payment portal, for the amount of your chosen gift experience(s).

Delivery will be made by me personally or by post depending on distance and logistics, as well as what my current schedule looks like. Don’t worry; we’re arrange a convenient time and method for you to receive your gift certificate.


How can my loved one redeem and book their gift experience?

With their gift certificate, I’ll include a business card with my contact details on and all they have to do is drop me an email or give me a ring to arrange their pre-selected experience(s).


Where will my family member or friend’s gift experience take place?

Their colour analysis experience will take place in Chandlers Ford.


Whereas, their personal shopping experience will take place at the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton.


How long does the recipient have to redeem their certificate?

There is no set time limit, so tell them they can come and enjoy their styling experience at a time when it’s convenient for them. I appreciate life can become a little hectic at times and don’t want anyone to feel pressured to book their colour or shopping experience within a set timeframe.

Would you like to give the gift of a Style Coaching™ Experience?

By doing so, you’re gifting your loved one with an experience that they will both learn something from and cherish.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be gifted with a personalised colour analysis or personal shopping trip?

Please feel free to drop me an email and we’re reserve your gift certificate today.

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