Occasion Makeover Package

This package is designed for you if you require one special occasion style outfit for one occasion. Although, if you are a bride to be, I have a specific Bridal Style package for you. Note: this package is suitable for other members of the wedding party, including bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

We have all been there at some point in our lives - where we have been invited to a special occasion style event (whether this is a wedding, a black tie event, an important corporate event vital to your career, a prom or graduation ceremony, to name a few) and you don't have an outfit to wear... You look through your existing wardrobe and there's nothing suitable to wear for the occasion, let alone an outfit that makes you feel confident and allows you to express who you are as a person. If any of the above sounds true, then this package is for you.

The Occasion Makeover Package includes the following sessions:

Session 01:

Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style

We will assess the type of event that you will be attending and what style challenges you would like to address. I will then help you to discover your style likes, dislikes and "Style Personality" in preparation for finding you your perfect outfit during our shopping trip.

what is a capsule wardrobe.jpg

Session 02:

Body Shape and Colour Analysis 

We will discover your unique body shape, before looking at which styles would best enhance your figure. I will also complete a tonal colour analysis assessment on you, where we will find your WOW colours and those that best harmonise with your features.

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Session 03:

Hair and Make-Up Planning

We will plan your make-up look, hairstyle and other pampering treatments, in readiness for your event.

Note: all plans are charged on a session by session basis (with a 50% deposit kindly asked for prior to a session and the other 50% paid during) and are flexible in terms of session frequency, to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Session 04:

In-Person Personal Shopping Experience

This is the fun part, where we will find you your dream event outfit. However, this can be switched to an online personal shopping session (£90) if preferred.

What This Package Contains

Session 01:    Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style: £30 for 1 Hour

Session 02:   Body Shape and Colour Analysis: £45 for 90 Minutes 

Session 03:   Hair and Make-Up Planning: £30 for 1 Hour 

Session 04:   Personal Shopping Experience: £90 for 3 Hours 

Total: £195 [6 and a Half Hours]

Note: this package is also available as virtual online sessions.

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