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Occasion Makeover Package

Want to look your very best at an upcoming event that you’ve been invited to?

Want an outfit that makes you feel special and allows your inner confidence to shine?

Want to learn the secrets to looking fabulous at any event, whilst showcasing your individual sense of style?

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Where you’ve been invited to a formal, special occasion (think weddings and black tie events) and you go over to your wardrobe and realise…


You have nothing suitable to wear!

This causes an instant rush of panic, whereby you had to race to the shops, in the hope that you would find any “make-do” dress that would be suitable. And that’s without mentioning the other accessories you need to complete your outfit.

As I’m sure you’re aware, not planning and giving some thought to your outfit will result in you choosing a dress (or even a jumpsuit) that doesn’t best compliment your body shape, style and complexion.

How do you think it would feel to have a well thought out outfit that is not only suitable for the occasion you’re attending, but enhances you as an individual?

Pretty good I can imagine?

This package is ideal for you if you need one outfit for a single special occasion such as a black tie event or wedding.

Don't let distance become an issue. Did you know I offer virtual alternative sessions too?

A woman with her back right to the camera, sitting down, wearing a blue-green, sequined special occasion dress

When you enrol on the Occasion Makeover Package, you’ll learn the following:

How to define and convey your own sense of personal style when dressing for more formal occasions.


How to dress to enhance your unique body shape and choose complimenting colours when styling for a special occasion event.


Why you should plan your make-up look and chosen hairstyle in advance.


How to shop for your dream event outfit (accessories included), all whilst staying within your set budget.

Your Occasion Makeover Package Experience includes the following sessions:

Session 01:

Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style

A combined initial consultation and defining your personal style session where we discuss the event you’ll be attending and any style challenges that you’d like to address during your Style Coaching™ journey. Then, we’ll have a chat about your style likes, dislikes, before I coach you through discovering your “style personality” and how to showcase your own unique sense of style when dressing for special occasion events.

A woman posing towards the camera, standing in front of a clothing rail full of clothes in a shop
A close-up of a series of tonal colour drapes arranged into a full circle, similar to the colour wheel

Session 02:

Mini Body Shape and Colour Analysis'

A combined mini body shape and colour analysis session, whereby we’ll first discover your unique body shape, before having a look at which dress (or jumpsuit) styles would best enhance your figure. We’ll also create you a personalised shopping plan (including accessories needed) ready for our shopping trip. Then, using my selection of colour drapes, we’re complete a mini colour analysis where we’ll identify your seasonal colour season. Psst…as part of this session you will also receive a link to your season’s digital colour season selector cards, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone.

Session 03:

Hair and Make-Up Planning

Now we will look at gaining inspiration and planning for your special occasion hair and make-up look. At the end of this session, you’ll receive a copy of your hair and make-up notes, to take with you to appointments or to use as a guide if you’re doing your own hair and make-up for the event.

A close-up of a woman looking up away from the camera, with smoky eye make-up; her hair styled in a top bun and wearing a party dress
A snapshot of a department store floor, with a mannequin on each side, clothing rail at the back and a table display at the front

Session 04:

Personal Shopping Experience

Now to put into practice what you’ve learnt! Your personal shopping experience will involve us following your shopping plan, to look for your event outfit and any accessories you need (although if you already own the perfect pair of shoes, then feel free to wear those instead of looking for a new ones). You’ll get a demonstration within a shop environment, on how to find a special occasion event that best suit your shape, colouring, style preferences and budget.


As a side note, if you’d prefer, you can switch this session to an online personal shopping session instead (£90).

Just so you know…

It is also worth noting that you don’t have to buy any clothes and accessories during your personal shopping session if you don’t want to. You are free to use this experience as a chance to learn how to shop for your shape, style, colouring, lifestyle and budget, in readiness for your special occasion.

A close-up of a department store display, showcasing a pair of red stilettos, a black messenger bag and a black and white striped clutch and heels


“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Louise. I learnt a lot about my style and my own preferences and received useful advice regarding my colours and body shape. I feel more confident picking outfits now and understand how different shapes and colours can impact your overall appearance.

I recommend Louise to anyone who would like to learn how to best dress for their shape and learn more about their personal style.”

Harriet C, Southampton

Occasion Makeover Package Summary

Session 01: Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style: £30 for 1 Hour


Session 02: Mini Body Shape and Colour Analysis: £45 for 90 Minutes


Session 03: Hair and Make-Up Planning: £30 for 1 Hour


Session 04: Personal Shopping Experience: £90 for 3 Hours


Total: £195 [Six and a Half Hours]

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this package suitable for?

This package is suitable for you if you require one outfit for one special occasion event – think black tie events, weddings, parties or even proms and graduation ceremonies.

However, if you’re a bride to be, don’t worry, I have a specific Bridal Style package specifically designed to help you find your perfect dress (and accessories) and feel amazing on your big day.

After completing my mini body shape and colour analysis’ session, what are my options if I want to learn styles to suit my body shape for my day to day wardrobe, as well as what my tonal colour season is?

After you’ve completed your Occasion Makeover package, we can spend 90 Minutes together (£45) talking about day to day styles that would best enhance your body shape, as well as test the remaining colour drapes that we didn’t use during your mini colour analysis session.

Just to clarify, a seasonal colour analysis will tell you whether you’re a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, whilst a tonal colour analysis will zone in on which twelve colour season palette suits you best.

I’ve completed my package and would like to improve my wardrobe, what are my options now?

If you would like to begin work on improving your everyday personal style and wardrobe, then we can look at:


Spending 90 minutes on conducting a more in-depth body shape and colour analysis session [see above].


Completing a wardrobe analysis or de-clutter session together – it’s your choice which one you choose.


Conducting another personal shopping experience together, specific to your day to day wardrobe.


Where, when and how frequently will our sessions take place?

Our sessions together will be held at a mutually beneficial location, such as your home, at a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel reception area etc. Although let’s not let distance become an issue, since I also offer online, as well as in-person appointments.


Sessions can be made as frequently as you would like them, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


What payment methods do you accept?

I accept all major credit and debit cards (I have my own card reader) and can take online payments on request.

I’m sure you’re someone who would like to look their absolute best at a special occasion style event…

But remember, it’s not how much you spend, but rather how you spend.

Learn how you can look stylish for less on special occasions, whilst enhancing your unique and amazing body shape, complexion and individual personal style.

Please feel free to drop me an email and book yourself a free 15 minute telephone call and take a first glimpse of how Style Coaching™ could help you achieve your dream occasion look (without costing you a fortune).

A close-up of a woman wearing a classic, little black party dress, standing up and trying to take off one of her black stiletto heels
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