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Why choose Jade Style Coaching™?


If you can relate to:

  • Feelings of never having anything to wear (despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, some of which you may not remember purchasing)

  • Struggling to find an outfit for an upcoming event

  • Feeling like nothing ever looks good on you

  • Owning several clothing items and accessories that do little to express you as a person

  • Lacking the confidence and self-belief to attain your goals and overcome life's challenges

Then Jade Style Coaching™ could have the solution for you!

I have created a series of in-person and virtual package options, ranging from event makeovers to full wardrobe and lifestyle edits, from which you can choose to enrol on, based on your style and lifestyle needs.


These packages address many personal styling aspects, including:

  • Defining your personal style

  • Body shape analysis

  • Colour analysis

  • Wardrobe analysis and de-cluttering

  • Hair and make-up advice

  • Personal shopping experiences 


Whereas, the coaching sessions help to address low self-esteem, confidence and body image issues, as well as how you can use life coaching principles to achieve your goals.


All packages are charged by session with flexible appointments conducted at mutually beneficial locations and times, to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Don't worry if these packages don't quite align with your requirements, since I can help you to create your own in-person or virtual Style and Lifestyle plan via my "Style and Choose" package option. This involves creating a plan that best suits your individual needs, from my Deluxe Session Choices. We are all different and I believe our style journey plans should be unique too. 

Whether you would like to revamp your personal style for an event; have a complete wardrobe makeover or work towards developing a coaching technique toolkit to use within your daily life, Contact Me for a FREE 15 minute telephone or video discussion and start investing towards your Style and Lifestyle journey today.


No matter your previous style experience and wardrobe challenges, we can find the right style plan for you.

Ideal for individuals who know what one off session they would like to enrol on and those whom are new to Style Coaching™ and would like to try one session before enrolling on a package.

Ideal for individuals who require one outfit for a special occasion style event, including: weddings, black tie events, corporate events, proms or graduation balls, parties etc.

Ideal for individuals who would like to solve their current wardrobe and personal style challenges only and would like to be educated on which styles suit their personality, body shape, complexion and lifestyle.

Ideal for individuals who already know which sessions they require and feel that none of the packages specifically meet their needs and would thus like to create their own "Style and Lifestyle" plan from my Deluxe Sessions Choices instead.

Ideal for individuals who would like to solve their current personal style and wardrobe issues alongside developing a healthier self-image of themselves, via coaching skills and techniques. 

Designed for brides to be who would like to find a dream bridal outfit that suits their personality, body shape, complexion and budget, alongside wanting to learn the skills needed to feel confident on their big day.


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