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Wardrobe Edit Package

Want to stop wasting money on clothes that aren’t the most flattering for you and you’ll likely never wear again (if ever)?

Want to learn how to feel inspired with your wardrobe again and create stylish outfits with ease each morning?

Want to spend less time wandering aimlessly around the shops, making impulse purchases that you’ll later regret?

Chances are, when you walk over and stare at your open wardrobe each morning, you instantly feel lost, uninspired and panicky that you need to leave the house promptly, but…

You have nothing to wear!

Even if you have a wardrobe full of clothes, you are likely unaware of what you actually own and probably only wear a select few “safe” outfits on repeat.

Sound familiar?

You know deep down that you want to make changes to your wardrobe and personal style, but worry about the cost of forking out for a whole, brand new wardrobe.

Now, let me reassure you that you’re in the right place. I’ve got you covered.

With one on one, in-person Style Coaching™ sessions, I’ll teach you how to dress and affordably shop for your shape and desired style. We’ll also spend some time discovering your personalised selection of colours that best harmonise and enhance your complexion, hair and eye colour.

You’d be surprised at how wearing the right styles and colours can do wonders for your confidence!

Although, let’s not let distance become an issue. Did you know I offer virtual alternative sessions too?

A close-up of a series of cream coloured clothes hanging from a clothing rail

When you enrol on the Wardrobe Edit Package, you’ll learn the following:

How to define your own sense of personal style and create the image you have always wanted.

How to dress to enhance your unique body shape, for a more confident you.

How to select colours that best compliment your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour.

How to use your existing wardrobe as a starting point for creating stylish outfits. Plus, why we should all plan and budget before a shopping trip.

The art of looking stylish for less and why you don’t need to spend a fortune when shopping, in order to look fabulous.

Your Wardrobe Edit Package Experience includes the following sessions:

Session 01:

Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style

A combined initial consultation and defining your personal style session, whereby we will identify your wardrobe and style related challenges and goals, before coaching you through creating your own unique sense of style.

A woman staring at the camera, posing in front of a clothing rail full of clothes that reflect her style
A woman looking the opposite way to the camera, wearing a backless dress suitable for her body shape

Session 02:

Body Shape Analysis

This is where we will identify your unique (and let’s face it amazing) body shape and learn how to confidently dress and enhance your shape with the right clothes and accessories.

Session 03:

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

Now for your personalised colour analysis experience. Using my selection of colour drapes, we will identify your tonal colour season, as well as a bespoke list of “wow” colours that really enhance your facial features and make you feel fabulous.


Psst…as part of this session you will also receive your own mini colour season swatch (to take away in your handbag) and a link to your digital colour season selector card, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone.

A Fan of Colour Drapes Used For Colour Analysis.
A woman looking away from the camera towards her clothing rail, conducting a wardrobe analysis

Session 04:

Wardrobe Analysis

The part where we will analyse your current wardrobe and look for new ways to transform your existing clothes and accessories into stylish outfits. Once we’ve taken stock of your wardrobe to date, I will teach you how to organise your wardrobe. All this, before we look at forming a concise shopping plan that will stop you from wasting money on clothes that you definitely don’t need.

Session 05:

Personal Shopping Experience

Now to put into practice what you've learnt! Your personal shopping experience involves us following your shopping plan and looking for the clothes and accessories that you personally require to update your style. You'll get a demonstration within a shop environment, on how to find clothes and accessories that best suit your shape, colouring, style preferences, lifestyle and budget.

A clothing department store view: with one mannequin on either side; a clothing rail at the back and a table display at centre front

Just so you know…

It is also worth noting that you don’t have to buy any clothes and accessories during your personal shopping session if you don’t want to. You are free to use this experience as a chance to learn how to shop for your shape, style, colouring, lifestyle and budget.

A portrait shot of a woman standing, posing and smiling at the camera, wearing a navy blazer and navy and white horizontal top


“After my extremely enjoyable and insightful consultations with Louise at Jade Style Coaching™, I have streamlined my wardrobe and it now only contains items that reflect who I am now and make me feel happy and good about myself.

Thanks to Louise, I now shop with the confidence of knowing what style, shape, design, fabric, fit and colour suits me best, which makes clothes shopping a real pleasure. This has also had financial benefits, as I’m no longer wasting money on items that I would have rarely worn. I now only buy clothes that I love and feel I look great in and will wear all the time.

My sessions with Louise have been a fantastic investment in myself and my bank balance!”

J Pearce, Chandlers Ford

Wardrobe Edit Package Summary

Session 01: Initial Consultation and Defining Your Personal Style: £45 for 90 Minutes 

Session 02: Body Shape Analysis: £45 for 90 Minutes​ 

Session 03: Colour Analysis: £60 for 2 Hours​ 

Session 04: Wardrobe Analysis: £45 for 90 Minutes 

Session 05: Personal Shopping Experience: £90 for 3 Hours 

Total: £285 [Nine and a Half Hours]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who would benefit from Style Coaching™ sessions?

Style Coaching™ would benefit anyone who would like to learn how they could improve and make changes to their personal style and wardrobe.

Do I have to purchase a whole new wardrobe to complete my Style Coaching™ journey?

This is something I get asked a lot and the honest answer, no. It is completely up to you whether you use our sessions together to learn more about yourself (such as how to dress for your body type and which colours best suit you) or to reinvent and add to your wardrobe.

It is your choice whether you decide to use this session to shop for the clothes and accessories written on your bespoke shopping plan (even if that is only one item) or use the personal shopping session as an opportunity to purely learn how to shop for your shape, style and lifestyle, without spending any money.

Where, when and how frequently will our sessions take place?

Our sessions together will be held at a mutually beneficial location, such as your home, at a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel reception area etc. Although let’s not let distance become an issue, since I offer online, as well as in-person appointments.


Sessions can be made as frequently as you would like them, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


What payment methods do you accept?

I accept all major credit and debit cards (I have my own card reader) and can take online payments on request.

I can tell that you’re ready to transform your style and wardrobe…

Don’t spend another moment feeling unhappy with your wardrobe and shying away from life because of it.

Learn how to become the best version of yourself and let your inner confidence shine, all without breaking the bank.

Please feel free to drop me an email and book yourself a free 15 minute telephone call and take that first step to creating the stylish wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

A collection of clothes hanging from a clothing rail, arranged into a wardrobe capsule
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