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Wardrobe Edit Package

Want to stop wasting money on clothes that aren’t the most flattering for you and you’ll likely never wear again (if ever)?


Want to feel inspired with your wardrobe again and create stylish outfits each morning with ease?


Want to spend less time wandering aimlessly around the shops, making impulse purchases that you’ll later regret?

Chances are, when you walk over and stare at your open wardrobe each morning, you instantly feel lost, uninspired and panicky that you need to leave the house promptly, but…

You have no idea what to wear!

Even if you have a wardrobe full of clothes, you’ve likely forgotten what’s in there and only wear a select few “safe” outfits.

Sound familiar?

You know deep down that you want to invest in making changes to your wardrobe and personal style, but worry about the cost of forking out for a whole, brand new wardrobe.

Let me reassure you that it’s quality not quantity. It’s about making a few select purchases that are right for you and your wardrobe, which will help you to save time and money in the long-term.

With our one to one Style Coaching™ appointments, I’ll teach you how to dress and shop for your shape, natural colouring and desired style. You’d be surprised at how wearing the right styles and colours can do wonders for your confidence!

Although, let’s not let distance become an issue. Did you know I offer virtual sessions too?

A close-up of a series of cream coloured clothes hanging from a clothing rail

When you grab your place on my Wardrobe Edit Package, you’ll learn the following:


How to dress to enhance your body shape, all whilst staying true to your individual sense of style


Which colours best compliment your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour


How to use your existing wardrobe as a starting point for creating stylish outfits


How to create a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories that enhance your shape, style and natural colouring


How to plan for a shopping trip and only shop for items your wardrobe actually needs

Your Wardrobe Edit Package includes:

Style and Body Shape Analysis

Consider how good it would feel to have a wardrobe that reflects your unique personal style; suits and accentuates your incredible shape and is perfect for your current lifestyle?

Just note, I’ll kindly ask you to fill in a Measurement minder at least a week before our consultation, so I can prepare your virtual body shape presentation in advance.

During your combined Style and Body Shape consultation, we’ll cover:

  • Your style likes, dislikes and challenges.

  • Three to five typical outfits from your current wardrobe, to see where you are now vs where you want to be with your style.

  • Where to look for style inspiration.

  • How to create a style that resonates with your authentic self.

  • How to dress and choose accessories for your style personality, plus style personality questionnaire.

  • Suggestions on brands and shops that are perfect for your style personality.

  • Discovering your body shape, with advice on how to dress to enhance your shape.

  • Tips on how to look taller, slimmer and younger.

  • How to choose the correct foundation garments for your outfits (think hosiery, bras and shapewear).

  • How to accessorise and wear colour for a well-balanced shape.

  • How body image coaching exercises can help reframe how you feel about your body.


Plus after your session, I will create and email a Pintrest board for you, full of inspiration for dressing for your style personality and body shape.

You’ll also receive your style personality and body shape cheat sheets and personalised virtual body shape presentation, full of ideas for how to enhance your amazing shape, whilst being true to your style.

Duration: set aside 2 ½ - 3 hours in your diary

Woman looking away from the camera, wearing a backless dress that emphasises her body shape.
A woman looking the opposite way to the camera, wearing a backless dress suitable for her body shape
A Fan of Colour Drapes Used For Colour Analysis.

Colour Analysis

A tonal colour analysis will involve me using my colour drapes and tools to discover your dominant and secondary colourings, in order to identify your colour season. Don’t worry I’ll explain what this means during our session, but I’ll give you a hint…you’ll be recommended one of twelve colour palettes!

During your Colour Analysis Experience, we’ll also look at:

  • How to choose colours based on your colour season and wear them with confidence.

  • Discovering your personal list of “Wow Colours” (you know the colours that look absolutely amazing on you).

  • Identifying your most flattering neutral colours.

  • How you can confidently wear existing colours in your wardrobe.

  • How to utilise the colour wheel to create effortless outfit colour combinations.

  • Which make-up and hair colours best enhance your natural colouring.


Plus after your session, you’ll receive your own mini colour season wallet (perfect for carrying in your handbag) and a downloadable digital colour season selector card.

As an additional bonus, I’ll work on creating a bespoke list of your most harmonising colours (with matching digital colour swatch) and email them to you afterwards.

Duration: pencil 2 – 2 ½ hours in your diary

Or 1 – 1 ½ hours for your Virtual Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis and Detox

Let’s get you closer to the wardrobe you’ve always wanted!

You’ve already invested a lot of time and money into your current wardrobe, so let’s help you to now make the best of it…

During your In-Person Wardrobe Analysis and Detox, we’ll look at:

  • Your current lifestyle and how to create a wardrobe that works for you now.

  • Essential items every wardrobe should contain.

  • Analysing each clothing item, to see whether they’re still suitable for your wardrobe.

  • Creating a photo inventory and written checklist of what your wardrobe currently contains.

  • How to use your existing clothes and accessories to create stylish outfits.

  • Guiding you through how to de-clutter your wardrobe effectively.

  • Ways to re-organise your wardrobe space, including how to create a capsule wardrobe and recommendations for space-saving storage solutions.

  • Producing a shopping plan that highlights what your wardrobe needs and what it doesn’t.


Afterwards, I will create and email you a virtual wardrobe lookbook that will categorise your existing clothes and accessories, with ideas on how to coordinate outfits and what to include in a wardrobe capsule.

You’ll also receive your finished wardrobe checklist, shopping plan and a copy of the Makeover Your Wardrobe guide.

Duration: set aside 3 – 3 ½ hours

Or 1 ½ - 2 hours for your Virtual Wardrobe Analysis

A camera shot of an organised and de-cluttered walk in wardrobe space
A clothing department store view: with one mannequin on either side; a clothing rail at the back and a table display at centre front

Personal Shopping Experience

Whether you find going round the shops to be frustrating, stressful or confusing, perhaps a personal shopping trip will help you fall in love with clothes shopping…

Your In-Person Personal Shopping Experience will include:

  • Research beforehand: I’ll take a trip around the shops myself; to take note of clothing styles and accessories that I feel would work for you and are worth trying on.

  • Spending four hours browsing the shops at our chosen location.

  • Time for a coffee!

  • Plus a follow-up telephone call to gain feedback on any purchases made and your recommended next steps.

As an additional bonus, I'll get to work on your Personal Style Development Presentation, which will provide you with a summary of your Style Coaching™ journey.

Duration: pencil 4 hours in your diary

Or 3 hours for your Online Personal Shopping Service

A portrait shot of a woman standing, posing and smiling at the camera, wearing a navy blazer and navy and white horizontal top


“After my extremely enjoyable and insightful consultations with Louise at Jade Style Coaching™, I have streamlined my wardrobe and it now only contains items that reflect who I am now and make me feel happy and good about myself.

Thanks to Louise, I now shop with the confidence of knowing what style, shape, design, fabric, fit and colour suits me best, which makes clothes shopping a real pleasure. This has also had financial benefits, as I’m no longer wasting money on items that I would have rarely worn. I now only buy clothes that I love and feel I look great in and will wear all the time.

My sessions with Louise have been a fantastic investment in myself and my bank balance!”

J Pearce, Chandlers Ford

In-Person Wardrobe Edit Package Summary

Style and Body Shape

Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis and Detox

Personal Shopping Experience

Total: £645 (13 Hours) – a saving of £115 (15% off) from buying these services separately


Available to pay in instalments

Virtual Wardrobe Edit Package Summary

Virtual Style and Body Shape

Virtual Colour Analysis

Virtual Wardrobe Analysis

Online Personal Shopping Service

Total: £470 (9 ½ Hours) – a saving of £85 (15% off) from purchasing these services individually


Available to pay in instalments

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who would benefit from Style Coaching™?

Style Coaching™ would benefit anyone who would like to learn how to improve and make changes to their personal style and wardrobe.


Do I have to purchase a whole new wardrobe to complete my Style Coaching™ journey?

It’s completely up to you whether you use our appointments together to learn more about how to dress for your body type, style and natural colouring or to reinvent and add to your wardrobe.


It’s ultimately your choice whether you decide to buy any recommended items during our Personal Shopping Experience. So no pressure!


Where and how frequently will our appointments take place?

Our in-person appointments will take place in Chandlers Ford, whilst we’ll meet over Google Meet for online appointments.


Appointments can be made as frequently as you would like them, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


What payment methods do you accept?

For in-person appointments, I can take payment from all major credit and debit cards using my card reader.


For online appointments, I’ll send an online payment link by email before our session and would kindly ask for payment at least 48 hours before our consultation.

I can tell you’re ready to transform your style and wardrobe…

Don’t spend another moment feeling unhappy with your wardrobe and learn how to become the best version of yourself.

Please feel free to drop me an email and book yourself a Free 15 minute telephone call and take that first step to creating the stylish wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

A collection of clothes hanging from a clothing rail, arranged into a wardrobe capsule
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