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Discover Your Best Colours With Jade Style Coaching’s™ Colour Analysis Experience In Hampshire, UK

Did you know that having a Colours Analysis is a brilliant investment in yourself and your image? The right colours for you will flatter and enhance your features, whilst the wrong ones will do the opposite. Well, Jade Style Coaching's™ Colour Analysis Experience in Hampshire, UK can certainly give you the answers. Let’s find your colour season and the palette of colours that best suit you...

A fan of red, yellow, blue, purple and green colour drapes used during my colour analysis sessions in Hampshire, UK.

Are you someone who absolutely loves colour?
Do you love the idea of stepping out your front door, wearing a well-coordinated outfit, full of colours that suit you?

However, does the following sound familiar?

  • You have no idea which colours actually suit you and feel very lost in this department.

  • You feel uninspired by the colours currently in your wardrobe and wear the same old, “boring” ones every day. Neutrals anyone?

  • You lack confidence in yourself and believe “the only colours that look good on me are white, grey and black!” Have I just caught you wearing black from head to toe?

  • And because you lack confidence, you disregard wearing brighter, more vibrant colours, as you’re scared of drawing attention to yourself.

  • You have no clue how to add and combine colour within your outfits.

  • Let alone knowing which make-up and hair colours best suit you!


Sadly, I’ve heard countless stories from women who feel frustrated with their wardrobes. I understand how demoralising it can be when you stare at your wardrobe, with no idea what to wear. This being especially true when you’re in a hurry for work or a social occasion.

Imagine having the confidence to choose and wear colours that you know you’ll look and feel amazing in. To have the courage to experiment with new colours that you would never have considered before. Plus, I’m sure you’d like nothing more than to creatively combine colour within your outfits, like a pro.

Jade Style Coaching’s™ Colour Analysis in Hampshire, UK, is a fantastic opportunity to invest in yourself. A chance to discover the colours that best harmonise with your features and make you feel amazing. Fancy glowing skin, glossy hair and sparkling eyes?

Jade Style Coaching’s™ Colour Analysis Experience is the perfect solution for you if you’re ready to:

  • Learn which types of colours best harmonise with your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour. Aren’t you a little curious about what your colour season is?

  • Feel empowered to inject more colour into your wardrobe and experiment with new and different outfit colour schemes.

  • Discover how you can still wear the colours you love, even if they’re not your most flattering.

  • Take a peek at how you can wear this season’s in colours and look fabulously on trend.

  • Look at the best make-up and hair colours for you based on your colour season.

  • Gain some insight into colour meanings and the messages you give off when wearing certain colours.

Although if you don't live in or near Hampshire, UK, then don't worry I can still analyse your colours! Take a peak at my Online Colour Analysis Services...

A close-up of a fan of colour drapes (royal purple; emerald green; royal blue, plum and burgundy) used during colour analysis.

​Why Choose Lou at Jade Style Coaching™?

Experienced Colour Analyst

Trained in seasonal and tonal Colour Analysis (although we’ll focus on the tonal, twelve colour season method)

Colour Focused Approach To Personal Styling

Helping women from all walks of life to express their true, authentic selves; with their unique “colourful style and wardrobe.”

Qualified Style Coach™ in Hampshire, UK

Operating in Chandlers Ford (between Southampton and Winchester)

Friendly, Dedicated Support

As your Style Coach™, feel free to drop me an email or call if you need any help or advice.


 “This lady knows her stuff. And she listens! Louise’s knowledge is extensive when it comes to style and colour. I found the time spent with her to be a great learning experience, confidence-building and also fun! I have wanted to get my colours done for a long time now and only wish I’d got them done sooner, as I’d have saved myself a lot of time and money. With my newfound knowledge, shopping trips will be easier as I now know what suits me!  Would definitely recommend.”

Sarah R. Romsey, UK

A close-up of a selection of bright and neutral colour drapes, used during my colour analysis sessions in Hampshire, UK.

Colour Analysis is key to discovering a beautiful colour palette that enhances your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour.


When wearing colours that suit you near your face, your skin will appear fresher, brighter and younger. Any visible lines, redness, blemishes, uneven skin tone and under eye circles present will be softened and camouflaged. Plus, let’s not forget the confidence boost you’ll get from wearing colours that make you look and feel amazing.

Whereas the wrong colours for you (you guessed it) do the complete opposite!


Now, which would you prefer?

Colour is the foundation of our wardrobes. Colour is perfect for not just enhancing your features; but balancing your beautiful shape and showcasing your individuality. Being yourself is far less boring isn’t it?

As an added bonus, knowing the colours that best suit you and your personality will also save you money. Let’s face it; you will no longer waste money on clothes and accessories in colours that don’t work for you.

Following Jade Style Coaching’s™ unique “Wow Colour Framework”, here’s what you can expect from our Colour Analysis session together:

  • Your own personal tonal Colour Analysis (using a selection of 160+ tonal colour drapes).

  • How to choose colours based on your colour season – plus how to wear those colours with confidence.

  • How to wear colours that you absolutely love, but don’t suit your features.

  • How you can wear this season’s colours and trends.


Plus as a bonus you’ll also receive:

  • Your tonal twelve season colour swatch (worth £15)

  • Your own personal twelve season digital colour swatch – which you can download onto your phone.

To get the most from your Colour Analysis Experience, I would recommend discovering your best styles too. Have you tried my other sessions?

Body Shape Analysis

Defining Your Signature Style

Personal Shopping Experience

A colour analysis demonstration in Hampshire, UK, with me as a Style Coach™ placing a colour drape near my client’s face.


“Twenty years ago my daughter and myself had our personal colours assessed. But as we have both aged and our skin and hair colours have changed we decided to have a colour update.

We booked a session with Jade Style Coaching™ and then enjoyed a very useful and informative afternoon with Louise as she guided us through our personal colour choices. Since the session I have been more aware of what really suits me and why. The temptation of buying clothing without seriously considering my colour palate is a thing of the past. Jade Style Coaching™, run by Louise offers a professional and totally personal session. The colour swatches and colour charts are now always with me when I shop or choose clothes. I would strongly recommend Jade Style Coaching™ to everyone.”

Elizabeth, H. Southampton, UK

How Jade Style Coaching’s™ Colour Analysis Works


Pop me an email and we’ll arrange a Discovery Call to book yourself onto Jade Style Coaching’s™ Colour Analysis Experience.


We’ll meet at a pre-booked meeting room in Chandlers Ford, where we’ll analyse your colours and discover your colour season.


You’ll come away knowing the colours that best suit you, as well as a physical and digital colour swatch.

Jade Style Coaching’s™ Colour Analysis Experience in Hampshire, UK Includes:

A full tonal Colour Analysis with 160+ colour drapes

Discovery of your tonal colour season (hint: it’s one of twelve)

Your fabric colour season swatch (worth £15)

Your colour season digital selector card

Your extra colours digital swatch showcasing the colours that best suit you


Worth: Over £215


Colour Analysis Experience: Just You

A full tonal Colour Analysis with 160+ colour drapes

Discovery of your tonal colour season 

Your fabric colour season swatch (worth £15)

Your colour season digital selector card

Offer Value: £170


Colour Analysis Experience: For Two

A full tonal Colour Analysis with 160+ colour drapes

Discovery of both your tonal colour seasons 

A fabric colour season swatch each (worth £15)

A colour season digital selector card each

Offer Value: £155 per person

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear Anything In Particular For My Colour Analysis Experience?

Ideally, a neutral coloured top (think white or cream), as this won’t distract from the colour drapes.

How Long Will My Colour Analysis Experience Be?

If you’re flying solo, then allow 2 ½ hours for your Colour Analysis Experience. If you come as a pair then, we’ll book the room for 3 ½ hours.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

For our in-person appointments, I can take payment from all major credit and debit cards using my card reader.

Discover The Colours That Best Suit You Now

Make one of the best investment's in yourself and take the first step to developing your Colourful Style…

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