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A close-up of a fan of blue fabric colour drapes used during colour analysis.
A close-up of a fan of green, purple and blue fabric colour drapes used during colour analysis.

Get Colour Confident With Jade Style Coaching’s™ Online Colour Analysis

Discover The Clothing Colours That’ll Make You Look and Feel Fabulous From The Comfort Of Home. Psst…That Includes Your Best Make-Up and Hair Shades Too!

Honestly, how relatable does this sound?

You have no idea which colours enhance and harmonise with your natural features.

You’re bored of wearing the same old, bland colours. Hmm black and white anyone?

You lack confidence to wear new colours. Especially bold, bright colours.

You feel clueless when it comes to pairing colour, so you only wear a few “safe” colour combos.

 And that’s without mentioning how you have a cluttered wardrobe full of clothes that you’re not even sure suit you!

Now just imagine how amazing it would be…

To discover your unique, flattering colour palette and watch your beauty radiate right in front of your eyes.

To be spoilt for choice at the exciting array of colours now available to you. Many of which you would’ve never considered before!

To feel your inner confidence shine through when showcasing your new colourful style. Just wait for all the compliments to come your way!

To creatively combine different outfit colour combos, like a pro. Just think of the number of looks you could create from a fewer number of items.

To finally break the cycle and stop wasting your time and money buying clothes in colours that don’t suit your features. Let’s focus on those that do…


Hi I’m Lou and welcome to my stylish corner of the big wide web!

As a Style Coach™, I love nothing more than showing my group of ambitious, professional women how transformative colour is.


Colour is the foundation of our wardrobe and style. The key to how we express our authentic selves, no matter the occasion. So, why wouldn’t we want to add more colour to our outfits?


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A portrait of Louise (founder of Jade Style Coaching™), smiling and wearing a deep scoop, A-line green dress.
An online colour analysis example. Two head shots of a smiling lady with green and pink digital colour swatches underneath.

Shall we take a peek at what my 12 Season Online Colour Analysis includes?


Email 2-3 make-up free head shots taken in natural daylight and wearing a light, neutral coloured top. An additional photo of your wrist veins would be helpful too. No blurry photos please, as I need to see your features clearly.


Then, we’ll arrange a time to chat over a video call to discuss your results. Afterwards, I’ll send you a copy of your presentation and colour season selector card to download onto your phone. Your new best pal when you shop!


I’ll input your photos in my Online Colour Analysis Presentation and get to work on analysing your natural colouring. My digital colour swatches will allow me to determine your twelve (tonal) colour season and “WOW Colours.”


Receive a copy of your BONUS Colour Confidence Guide, full of your best colours (including your go to neutrals). Plus, a few colour combos (to get you started) and your jewellery metals, make-up and hair shade suggestions. 

Feel free to email me your photos, when booking at:


 “This lady knows her stuff. And she listens! Louise’s knowledge is extensive when it comes to style and colour. I found the time spent with her to be a great learning experience, confidence-building and also fun!


I have wanted to get my colours done for a long time now and only wish I’d got them done sooner, as I’d have saved myself a lot of time and money. With my newfound knowledge, shopping trips will be easier as I now know what suits me!


Would definitely recommend.”

Sarah R, UK

A cool, tonal frame (used during online colour analysis) with pinks, blues and greens and a lady’s head shot in the middle.

So, what are you waiting for?

Online Tonal Colour Analysis
£149.99 (GBP)

Analyse your Colour Season (give me 5-7 working days)

45 Minute Video Call to Discuss Results

Photo Protection Guarantee

Digital Colour Season Selector Card (For Smartphones)

A Copy Of Your Online Colour Analysis Presentation

BONUS Colour Confidence Guide

Time for the FAQs

What are the benefits of having a Colour Analysis?

Knowing the colours that enhance and harmonise with your skin tone, hair and eye colours is an investment in you. When you wear flattering colours near your face, the following occurs:


Your skin looks fresher, brighter, healthier and younger

Any “flaws” are softened and camouflaged

You’ll appear taller and slimmer

You’ll feel amazingly confident, knowing you look fabulous

What happens if I wear the wrong colours?

I would just like to clarify first of all that you are free to wear any colour you like. Don’t worry I’m not the fashion police! However, wearing colours that are not in harmony with your natural colouring can:


Make you appear tired, pale, ill and older

Emphasise any skin redness, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and under eye circles

Give the illusion that you’re heavier and shorter (than you actually are)

Make you feel less confident and depressed


Now which would you prefer?

Can you really discover my best colours with an Online Colour Analysis?

This might be hard to believe, but yes absolutely. The main difference is instead of using fabric colour drapes, we use your head shot and digital colour swatches.


So don’t worry, you’ll receive the same twelve colour season palette that you’d get with an in-person Colour Analysis. Just from the comfort of your home!

Is your Online Colour Analysis only available to women?

Online Colour Analysis is available to anyone who would love to discover the colours that best suit them.

Do I need to be in the UK to book your Online Colour Analysis?

Not at all, Online Colour Analysis is available worldwide.

Can I order an Online Colour Analysis as a gift?

Yes of course you can. Just let me know in your email and I’ll send you a virtual gift certificate. To redeem, the gift receiver just needs to pop me an email at: and quote the code given. Then we’ll take it from there…

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

A SumUp card payment link will be emailed to you upon booking, before we get started.

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