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Jade Style Coaching™

A portrait headshot of the founder of Jade Style Coaching™, Louise Jade, wearing a v-neck Jade green dress and silver pendant

    Style is about showing  your individual authentic self to the world and with the right levels of self-confidence and belief, you can be the best version of yourself every day

- Louise Jade

As the founder of Jade Style Coaching™, I provide a combination of personal styling and life coaching based services in and around the city of Winchester and the areas of Romsey, Chandlers Ford and Southampton (UK).

I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin; be themselves without judgement and feel free to express their true personality via their style choices. We all know the importance of feeling good about ourselves; whether that is externally or internally and the compounding effects on our day to day lives - so why wouldn't we strive for that?

My Story text

My mission is to educate and inspire client's (such as yourselves) to solve their current style challenges and develop the skills needed to formulate a healthy self-esteem and relationship with your body. Having an awareness of what styles and colours suit you as a person can help to increase your self-worth and transform how you approach life, with your newfound confidence.

My previous experience stems from the awareness and development of my own personal style. I have never dressed to appease or fit in with my peers, I learnt to dress for myself and use fashion as a self-expression of my true, authentic self to others. This passion led me to qualify from the Style Coaching Institute® as a Style Coach™ and have a career whereby I could help others feel empowered to dress for themselves and their personality; feel comfortable within their own skin, whilst being less self-critical and to dress to enhance rather than to hide. 

As your Style Coach™, I will help you to focus on where you are now versus where you would like to be with your personal style, inner confidence and body image. We would work holistically together to develop your own individual sense of style, alongside a healthier, more confident internal image of yourself, using a variety of visual and thought-provoking exercises and insights. My approach will beneficially aid you in positively progressing your external and internal image within an approachable, non-judgemental environment.

Ultimately, I want to help individuals (such as yourselves) to invest towards  the dream look and inner image that you deserve.


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