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Privacy Statement

Jade Style Coaching™ takes the privacy rights of clients, email subscribers and service enquirers very seriously. This privacy policy sets out how clients, subscribers and enquirers “personal information” is dealt with, that is, information that could identify or is related to the identity of an individual.

What Personal Information Does Jade Style Coaching™ Collect?

In order to consult, clients will be asked to provide certain information, this includes:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Postal Address

  • Email Address

  • Preferred Telephone Number

  • Occupation

  • Marital Status

  • Height, Weight and Measurements (including Dress Size)

To this over time, details will be added regarding clients’ personal style and life coaching needs and recommended solutions and actions applicable to an individual’s circumstance.

Whereas, subscribers to Jade Style Coaching's™ email campaigns will be asked to provide their email address and service enquirers (i.e. individuals whom submit a query using the contact form), their name, email address and information relevant to their query.

How Does Jade Style Coaching™ Collect This Personal Information?

All the information collected is obtained directly from the client. The information is collected during face to face or virtual sessions. At the point at which clients provide personal information, they will also be requested to provide consent for Jade Style Coaching™ to store and use their data. Client consent is required in order to ensure compliance with data protection legislation. Clients initial information will be added to with details gained during subsequent face to face or virtual sessions.

Additionally, information is collected from email subscribers who submit their consent to be contacted by Jade Style Coaching™'s email campaigns, as well as Jade Style Coaching™'s website users whom submit a query using the online contact form, whereby consent is also given prior to data collection. 

How Does Jade Style Coaching™ Use This Personal Information?

Jade Style Coaching™ will use client personal information to analyse and advise on topics related to personal style and life coaching for which they have consulted on, as well as to make relevant suggestions on subsequent actions to take.

Clients will be communicated with by email, other digital methods, by telephone and by post.

Conversely, subscribers and enquirers to Jade Style Coaching™ will be contacted by email only, unless permission to use another contact method is provided.

With Whom Does Jade Style Coaching™ Share Your Personal Information With?

On occasions, Jade Style Coaching™ may need to share client information with third parties, for instance to ask clothing store assistants for an item in a client’s dress size or referring a client to a related service and/or professional. In these instances, Jade Style Coaching™ will inform the client as to why this information needs to be shared and will ask for consent before proceeding with sharing relevant data, required for these communications.

Additionally, client, subscriber and enquirer email addresses will be shared with third party databases, including Google and Wix, in order to enable the undertaking of communication and marketing based tasks, specifically email communications and marketing.

How Long Does Jade Style Coaching™ Keep Your Personal Information:

Jade Style Coaching™ needs to keep client information for as long as they continue to consult. Since clients may return for further sessions after a period of absence, Jade Style Coaching™ will keep your information for seven years after their last consultation. At that point, an individual’s files will be securely destroyed and any digital information erased from computer systems.

Conversely subscriber and enquirer name's, email addresses and other information contained within any communications undertaken, will be kept for as long as the individual would like to be subscribed to and informed of Jade Style Coaching's™ activities.

How Client Information Can Be Updated Or Corrected:

To ensure that Jade Style Coaching™ has accurate and up to date information, clients need to inform of any required changes they believe should be made to their held personal information. Clients can do this by contacting Jade Style Coaching™ by email, other digital communication methods or by telephone.


Under data protection legislation, clients have the right to inspect the personal information held about them by Jade Style Coaching™. Clients can make a request to do so by contacting Jade Style Coaching™ and will receive a response within 14 working days.

How Does Jade Style Coaching™ Store Client’s Personal Information?

Jade Style Coaching™ holds clients digital files securely on password protected laptop and tablet devices. All digital files are backed up on a securely placed external hard drive and devices used are protected by virus-protection and firewall software. Jade Style Coaching™ takes steps to protect clients personal information against loss or theft, in addition to unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.


Clients email address, if they have one, and any digital files that are sent between the coach and client, are held securely on the email providers and marketing platforms servers. These are currently Google Workspace and Wix. Subscriber and enquirer names, email addresses and any information shared when making a query are also held on these platforms. 

Changes To This Policy:

This policy may change from time to time. If any major changes are made, clients and subscribers will be made aware of them.


If you have any queries about this policy; require it in an alternative format or have any complaints about Jade Style Coaching’s™ privacy practices, please contact me

Policy review date: March 2022

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