Complete Style and Lifestyle Package

The Complete Style and Lifestyle package aims to address your personal style and inner self-image challenges together, to help you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside.

If you can relate to feeling uninspired by your wardrobe; feeling like your current outfits do not reflect who you are as a person and often lacking the confidence in what you wear. You may express that nothing ever looks good on you (even though this is not the case) and you lack the self-belief and motivation to make desired changes in your life, despite wanting to. If you feel a little lost when it comes to your personal style and you struggle to form a healthy inner image of yourself - then this package could be for you.

The Complete Style and Lifestyle Package includes the following sessions:

Session 01:

Initial Consultation

After getting to know one another, we will start your Style Coaching™ journey by discussing your style and lifestyle related needs and challenges.

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Session 02:

Defining Your Personal Style

After determining your style likes, dislikes and inspiration, I will help you to find your "Style Personality" and begin to develop a style unique to you.

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Session 03:

Body Shape Analysis

After discovering your unique body shape, I will teach you how to dress to enhance your figure, as well as how to choose foundation garments and accessories that are right for you.

Session 04:

Coaching Session

Your coaching session of choice from the following options: self-esteem and confidence coaching; body image coaching or life coaching. Details on these sessions are available from my Deluxe Session Choices page. 

Session 05:

Colour Analysis

We will discover your colour season using a series of colour tools and drapes, as well as a selection of wow colours that will best enhance your features.

At the end of this session, you will receive your own e-colour season selector card (and mini colour swatch for in-person appointments), full of harmonising colours.

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Session 06:

Wardrobe De-Cluttering

We will look through your existing wardrobe and assess which clothes suit you and how we can combine these within stylish outfits, before re-organising your space and composing a shopping list of full of items that your wardrobe needs. 

Note: this session can be swapped for an in-person or virtual wardrobe analysis session (£45)

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Session 07:

Hair and Make-Up Planning

I will provide you with tips and basic advice on make-up looks and application; hair care and styles, as well as daily and weekly top to toe grooming routines.

Session 08:

Personal Shopping Experience

Now for the fun part - where we will shop for the items listed on your shopping plan, looking for styles and colours to suit you and your personality.

What This Package Contains

Session 01: Initial Consultation: £45 for 90 Minutes

Session 02: Defining Your Personal Style: £45 for 90 Minutes

Session 03: Body Shape Analysis: £45 for 90 Minutes

Session 04: Choice of Coaching Session: £60 for 2 Hours (add a second Coaching Session for £45)

Session 05: Colour Analysis: £60 for 2 Hours

Session 06: Wardrobe De-Cluttering: £90 for 3 Hours

Session 07: Hair and Make-Up Planning: £45 for 90 Minutes

Session 08: Personal Shopping Experience: £90 for 3 Hours

Total: £480 [16 Hours]

All plans are charged on a session by session basis (with a 50% deposit kindly asked for prior to a session and the other 50% paid during) and are flexible in terms of session frequency, to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Note: this package (with the exception of the wardrobe de-clutter session) is also available as virtual online sessions.

Contact Louise at Jade Style Coaching™for a FREE 15 minute telephone or video discussion and begin your style and lifestyle journey today.