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What is a Style Coach™ and Five Benefits of Hiring One?

Style Coaching™ and personal styling may seem like interchangeable terms and you might actually be wondering what the difference is and why hiring a Style Coach™ would be a worthwhile investment in yourself (and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either).

In this post we will delve into:

Two women leaning over, talking and examining jewellery on a marble tabletop with drawers, in the middle of a walk-in wardrobe. From top to bottom the shelves contain: black, pink and white shopping bags on the top and second shelf; black, white and pink clothing hanging on gold metal rails and black and nude stilettos on a shoe rack on the bottom. The woman on the left has very light golden hair and is wearing a white shirt and the woman on the right has red hair and is wearing a black and white tunic.


What is a Style Coach™?

A Style Coach™ holistically uses a combination of personal styling and life coaching techniques, to help clients look good on the outside and feel great on the inside. This involves transforming an individual’s external appearance, alongside their inner self-image (i.e. the picture they have created of themselves in their mind).

A Style Coach™ helps clients to:

  • Discover styles that suit them and their lifestyle.

  • Create and develop their “image” and the personal brand they wish to convey.

  • Discover their individual style personality, body shape and colour season.

  • Learn make-up application and hair styling techniques to suit them.

  • Decide which personal grooming routines would be beneficial for them to adopt.

  • Analyse and de-clutter their wardrobe space.

  • Learn how to plan and create outfits effortlessly.

  • Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe that saves them time and money.

  • Look and feel younger, in both appearance and mindset.

  • Navigate clothing and department stores easily, in order to find items suited to them.

  • Set meaningful goals and subsequently plan actionable steps to meet them.

  • Address their negative, self-limiting beliefs and embody more positive ones instead.

  • Learn how to feel internally confident, via confidence-building techniques and exercises.

  • Re-evaluate their negative body image and create a more positive, internal view of themselves.

  • Learn how to portray confident body language signals.

  • Develop a confident sounding voice and rapport skills.

  • Utilise positive visualisation in achieving their goals.

  • Feel motivated, supported and encouraged during their style and personal development journey.

Ultimately though, Style Coaches™ work towards clarifying where you are now versus where you would like to be, in terms of your personal style, confidence levels and inner perception of yourself.

Two woman looking to the right of the camera, standing in a brightly lit shop, with clothing rails full of clothes hanging on wooden hangers behind them. The woman on the left has dark afro hair tied up in a top bun and is wearing a white knit jumper and light blue jeans and is holding a lilac jumper hanging on a clear plastic hanger. The woman on the right has long, wavy brunette hair (swept behind her ears) and is wearing a mustard yellow blazer, pumpkin orange v-neck jumper and delicate silver choker style necklace and is holding a beige strap day dress with a v-neckline. The two woman are looking as if they appear to be looking into a mirror, with the lilac jumper being held against the woman on the left.


Who Would Benefit From Style Coaching™?

So you may be wondering now, who would benefit from Style Coaching™?

Well quite honestly, Style Coaching™ would help anyone who seeks to make changes to their:

  • Personal style and brand

  • Confidence levels

  • Self-image and perception of themselves

  • Ability to set and meet desired goals

  • Approach to life

Style Coaching™ is ideal for individuals who would like to achieve inner and outer confidence, via a new look and a newfound positive internal image.

Contrary to popular belief, personal styling and Style Coaching™ based services are not just aimed at the rich and famous - they are suited to everyday women and men, career focused individuals, stay at home parents, university graduates, brides to be, teenagers going to their prom…the list could go on.

Read my Services Overview to see how my sessions and packages could benefit you.

How a Style Coach™ Combines the Practices of Personal Styling and Life Coaching:

Style Coaching™ combines the skills of a personal stylist and life coach within one unique, holistic service. A Style Coach™ would help you to feel good on the outside, by helping you to develop a personal style that not only suits and enhances your body shape and colour season, but a style that authentically reflects who you are as a person. However unlike a Personal Stylist, a Style Coach™ would also utilise coaching techniques and exercises, to help you re-evaluate how you feel about yourself internally, in order for you to develop a more positive inner self-image.

Even after a complete external makeover, it can become quite easy to revert back to previous dressing habits and outfits you deem “safe”, if your internal feelings of low confidence, self-esteem and poor body image are left unaddressed. Addressing these held negative beliefs, alongside making changes to your personal style and image, would lead to improvements in your inner relationship with yourself. Coaching would not just ensure the longevity of any external changes made, but would also help you to achieve a more positive self-image and love the person that you are.

So ask yourself - if you are having an exterior makeover, why wouldn’t you want to give your self-image a makeover too?

Now, let’s breakdown what a personal stylist and life coach are and what they do:

An antique room with a a two seat, lime green and gold coloured, two-seat sofa in the front left corner of the image and an antique bronze framed mirror in the back left. There is a diamond chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the room is quite dark, except for the sun streaming in the room from the right hand, open window. In the centre front of the image, is a dressmaking mannequin, wearing a draped, white, see through, lace dress with a white waistband tie.


What is a Personal Stylist and What Do They do?

A personal stylist focuses on a client’s appearance, including their personal style, make-up, hairstyle and personal grooming habits.

Personal stylists help clients with the following:

  • Defining their personal style. This includes finding styles, cuts and colours that align with a client’s style likes, dislikes and overall personality.

  • Identifying their body shape. This involves teaching client’s which styles and cuts would best enhance and flatter their figure and which ones should be avoided.

  • Training their eye to observe how different fabrics and styles, fit, flatter, skim or cling to their silhouette.

  • Dressing age appropriate, whilst maintaining a stylish, modern image suited to them and their lifestyle.

  • Looking slimmer, younger, taller etc.

  • Observing this season’s in-trends and noting which ones would suit them and which should be avoided.

  • Discovering their colour season and the wow colours which would best enhance and harmonise with their complexion.

  • Recognising the importance of accessorising and how to choose items in keeping with their body shape, style, colour season, budget and lifestyle.

  • Analysing and de-cluttering their wardrobe space, to create a “working” wardrobe for them and their lifestyle.

  • Understanding the connection between clothes, hair and make-up in creating a well-polished look.

  • Learning how to navigate clothing and department stores with ease.

Two women sitting down in pale pink coloured padded, wooden chairs, facing each other and looking sideways from the camera. The women are sitting in an old looking room with white, textured walls and dark brown wooden flooring. there is a small, gold coloured coffee table placed between them, with a lime green vase of pink and white flowers and a box of tissues place on them. The woman on the left has short grey hair and is wearing a white shirt (with a black cardigan draped over her shoulders, black trousers and black kitten heels. She is resting her chin on her clenched fists, with her elbows resting on her upper leg, whilst she is leaning slightly forwards, as if she is listening to the other woman. The woman on the right has long, curled brunette hair and is wearing a beige-pink coloured blouse, black knee length skirt, opaque tights and black stiletto heels. The woman has her hands raised out slightly and looks like she is speaking to the other woman.


What is a Life Coach and what do they do?

A life coach supports, encourages and motivates clients to reach their potential in many areas of life, including their personal growth, confidence and self-image. Life coaches don’t just help clients to plan and achieve their goals - they challenge them to move out of their comfort zone; aid them in reassessing held negative self-beliefs, as well as help them to gain the confidence to make their own decisions.

Life coaches help clients to:

  • Assess where they are now versus where they would like to be in their life.

  • Develop their own ideas as to how desired changes could be made.

  • Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and appropriately Timed, as well as those clients are excited to pursue and attain.

  • Reframe their negative self-talk and beliefs into more positive ones.

  • Feel encouraged to have the confidence to pursue their desired life changes.

  • Acknowledge the strengths and abilities that make them capable of taking action.

  • Feel empowered and motivated to make changes in their life, via coaching techniques and support.

Five Benefits of Working with a Style Coach™:

A diagonal close-up of eight clothes hanging on wooden hangers on a metal clothing rail. Apart from one black lace, spotty patterned top, the other seven tops are white in colour.


One: Having a Wardrobe Full of Clothes that Suit You and Your Lifestyle:

Consider how good it would feel to see a wardrobe full of clothes that you know fit and flatter your figure; in colours that harmonise with your complexion and in styles that reflect you and your lifestyle…

A Style Coach™ will help you to discover your unique body shape, style personality and colour season, before teaching you (via demonstrations) which styles, cuts and colours to look for when shopping. Outfits created from clothing and accessories that enhance you and your figure, will not just help you to look and feel great about your appearance, but will also aid you in feeling more confident about yourself too. Wearing clothes that don’t suit you as an individual will have the opposite effect, so let’s avoid cluttering your wardrobe with these items!

During a wardrobe analysis or de-clutter session, a Style Coach™ would also analyse and demonstrate which current items from your existing wardrobe would suit your body shape, personal style and colour season, as well as your lifestyle. For example, if you need outfits suitable for smart casual occasions, your Style Coach™ will help you to assess which of your existing items suit you and this lifestyle need and whether a shopping plan of items your wardrobe lacks and requires is needed.

There is a pile of silver and gold coins stacked in a slightly wonky tower, with a small mound of coins placed to the right of the stack. In the background, there is a blurred out image of a mahogany and gold rimmed antique clock, stating the time as seven minutes past seven.


Two: Time and Money Savings:

Did you know that having awareness of the styles, cuts and colours that best suit you, as well as which clothes and accessories your wardrobe contains, helps you to save time and money?

A Style Coach™ would analyse and de-clutter your wardrobe to help you discover which of your existing items would best enhance you and your figure. Having a tidy, de-cluttered wardrobe space organised in identifiable sections (such as by clothing type) would aid your Style Coach™ in:

  • Identifying and documenting your clothes and accessories.

  • Assessing how particular items could be transformed by tailoring fixes and how you wear them.

  • Creating wardrobe capsules that contain a set number of items to be coordinated into numerous outfits.

  • Seeing what items your wardrobe needs and writing a shopping plan that reflects this.

All of which can help you to achieve time and money savings!

Producing a written or photographic record of your wardrobe’s contents would help you to not just save time compiling outfits each morning, but see which clothing types you already own and those your wardrobe requires. A Style Coach™ would utilise this information when teaching you how to write a shopping plan. This would help you to avoid impulse or duplicate buying and instead, focus your time and money on items your wardrobe actually needs.

A woman sitting on green and grey coloured steps (in front of a garage). The woman has shoulder length, slightly wavy warm blonde hair and is wearing rainbow striped coloured sunglasses, a long-sleeved, knee length, mustard yellow knit dress with breast pockets and silver, glittery boots. The woman has one leg crossed over the other and is resting her arm on one knee, the same arm which she is resting her chin on.


Three: The Development of a Style that Expresses Who You Are:

Do your current outfits truly reflect you and your personality or do they reflect the latest fashion trend?

You might relate to being influenced by fast fashion trends and dressing in a similar way to others, since this seemed like the “safe” option, where any criticism of your outfits wouldn’t be personally targeted towards you as a person. However, if you don’t feel emotionally connected to your outfits, then you will struggle to define your personal style and individuality. Plus, purchasing clothing not suited to you or your personality will not help you to enhance your figure or encourage your inner confidence to shine. If anything, some of these items may never be worn and left hanging at the back of your wardrobe – which is a waste of your time, space and money.

A Style Coach™ teaches clients how to use clothing as a form of self-expression of who you are and who you want to portray to the world. Our style choices are our external skin, so when your appearance is aligned with your desired style and personality, your inner and outer selves will feel more harmonised and you will feel more confident in expressing your true self to others. A Style Coach™ would also aid you in discovering your “style personality”, before coaching you in surfacing the confidence needed to dress for yourself, as opposed for others. We are all different and this should be celebrated and expressed via our clothing choices.

A woman standing in a field of cream coloured flowers, against a backdrop of a blue-grey sky with clouds. The woman has long, wavy, brunette hair, subtle brown eye make-up and is smiling at the camera whilst holding a bunch of the cream flowers across the upper left side of her face. The woman is wearing a terracotta coloured, high neck, long sleeved jumper and light blue jeans.


Four: Discovering How to Effortlessly Showcase Your Inner Confidence:

Consider how good it would feel to:

  • Express your thoughts, feelings and personality with ease during social situations.

  • Not worry what other people think of you.

  • Be comfortable with who you are, without the need for comparisons with others.

  • Be self-assured and confident in your image and style.

  • Accept yourself as the unique individual that you are.

Pretty good I can imagine…

Using your personal style as a starting point, a Style Coach™ would guide you in developing a more positive, confident self-image, using a series of confidence boosting tools (depending on your specific needs) that can be incorporated within your daily life. We all know that when you feel good about yourself on the outside, you will feel great about yourself on the inside – so why wouldn’t we want to strive for that?

A Style Coach™ would encourage your confidence to shine through by:

  • Re-assessing whether held negative self-beliefs are still worth believing and guiding you in positively reframing them.

  • Re-evaluating how you view your body image within your mind’s mirror.

  • Positively visualising desired actions and outcomes to achieve.

  • Confident body language and voice coaching.

Ultimately, Style Coaches™ help you to break the negative spiral of poor confidence by encouraging you to dress with confidence; practice more confident body language signals and nurture a more positive mindset. When you feel confident about yourself (inside and out) you will likely feel that you are able to take on life’s challenges, without fear of judgement from others.

A woman with light golden blonde hair (tied up), sitting upright with her legs crossed against a backdrop of a white sheet. She is reading a copy of vogue, with the magazine held up against her face, except her eyes which are looking straight at the camera. The woman is wearing a knitted cream, strap top with a waist tie and white cropped trousers. One of her legs is stretched out across the grass, in which she is sitting on.


Five: Encouraging Your Personal Growth and Development:

Style Coaching™ is more than just advising you on your wardrobe and style choices, it’s also about empowering you to grow and invest in yourself, inside and out. The link between wearing clothes that suit and flatter you and feeling confident on the inside shouldn’t be underestimated, since when you feel great about your outer image, you will naturally feel more internally self-assured and body confident. However, the development of your personal style is only the starting point for your inner personal development journey.

During a life coaching session, a Style Coach™ would guide you in identifying which areas of your life you would like to improve upon and set goals accordingly. A Style Coach™ would then teach you how to utilise key life coaching techniques (including positive visualisation and how to sustain motivation) within your daily life, to help you grow as a person (no matter your age) and achieve your desired goals. Also similar to confidence and body image coaching, life coaching involves a Style Coach™ helping you to assess whether held negative self-beliefs are still worth believing and how you can reframe these into more positive, empowering thoughts instead.

Ultimately, Style Coaches™ use life coaching practices to help clients develop a forward-thinking mindset that challenges negative thinking and promotes a positive “I can achieve this…” attitude that enables them to achieve their goals.

A woman with long, curled, warm brunette hair and dark brown eye make-up looking diagonally to her left, wearing a ribbed, beige strap top and white trousers. The image only shows her frame up until her upper leg. The woman's right arm is bent upwards so that her hand is able to twirl a section of her hair and she is leaning against a pillar, outside the front of a white and grey boarded house with double windows.


So, Why Hire a Style Coach™?

Style Coaching™ is not just about the clothing choices and the image you want to portray to others, it is also about your awareness and appreciation of who you are as a person. It is an investment in yourself – in the image that you want to create and the confidence that you want to feel internally and express to others.

Working with a Style Coach™ will help you to clarify where you are now versus where you would like to be with your appearance and inner self-image. They will guide you in defining a personal style that suits your figure and aligns with your personality, as well as encouraging you to become a new confident you in the process. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe to look fabulous, a Style Coach™ would also look at how you can enhance and tailor your existing items too…

So, no matter your shape, age and height, the right colours and styles will transform your appearance and provide you with the confidence to develop your own individual personal style…

Louise Jade x


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