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Welcome To Jade Style Coaching™

Welcome to the Jade Style Coaching™ blog

I will use this space to post articles, tips and more on the topics of:

  • Style Coaching™ and personal styling

  • Fashion and beauty tips

  • The business of Jade Style Coaching™, with relevant updates

  • Life coaching and how to meet your desired goals

  • Body image coaching and how to achieve the confident mindset you have always wanted

  • General lifestyle hacks

I’m eager to share with you insights on how to achieve the wardrobe and inner image you have always dreamed of – aspirations that many who I have spoken to have expressed interest in reaching.

A woman's arm reaching out to grab a lilac coloured jumper from a wooden clothing rail full of beige, white and black coloured clothing, hanging on wooden hangers.


Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You quite often stand in front of your wardrobe, looking left to right for inspiration on what to wear for the coming day.

  • Your wardrobe is filled with impulse purchases, many of which you have never worn (or maybe that one time a couple of years back) or are not even aware that you own.

  • You feel lost (and perhaps even a little stressed) when composing your outfits each morning.

  • You look in the mirror and don’t always feel happy with your current style, make-up look and hairstyle.

  • You tend to be very self-critical of your “perceived” flaws and put yourself down a lot.

  • You are often worried that you will be under or over dressed for the occasion.

  • You struggle to maintain the motivation and momentum to meet your goals.

Relatable – yes!

We have all been there – the times where we felt a little dissatisfied with our sense of style and where we lacked that much needed confidence for the day ahead. The occasions where we felt utterly confused as to how we could improve our image and personal style, especially one that is unique from our peers.

I myself can put my hand up and relate to these feelings, at one point in time. However, I came to the realisation that creating and wearing a unique style that better reflects my personality was far more satisfying and ultimately led me to feel more confident about myself as a person.

The link between how we feel about our dress sense and our inner confidence in our overall image shouldn’t be underestimated…

Creating a personal style and image that harmonises with who you are as a person and encourages your inner confidence to effortlessly shine through, is extremely powerful in helping you to achieve a more confident, self-assured mindset that enables you to take on life’s challenges.

Although many individuals are a little unsure on how to actually achieve this, Style Coaching™ is a good starting point…

A woman with long, wavy brunette hair, wearing a yellow ochre coloured blazer, pumpkin coloured V-neck jumper and jeans, standing facing towards the camera, in front of a wooden clothing rail in a shop, full of jeans and white, pale yellow and lilac coloured woollen jumpers.


Is Style Coaching™ the new Personal Styling and how it can help you?

Before delving further, I would like to just take a moment to clarify what Style Coaching™ is and how it differs from personal styling:

Style Coaching™ holistically combines personal styling and life coaching practices within one unique service, to help you look good on the outside and feel great on the inside. Instead of just focusing on your personal style and grooming (like a personal stylist or image consultant would), a Style Coach™ goes one step further and coaches you through giving your self-image and confidence levels a positivity makeover.

A solution to improving your image and personal style, alongside your internal self-image:

I decided to start this blog (alongside my business Jade Style Coaching™), as I wanted to use my skills as a Style Coach™ to guide and empower those who lack a little confidence in themselves to make the desired changes to their outer and inner image. I will use this space to provide some helpful tips, how to guides and informative articles (although I can’t give away all my tricks) on the topics of personal styling and how to coach yourself in achieving a more positive, confident mindset and image of yourself.

Topics like:

  • Creating a wardrobe that works for you.

  • How to be confident with colour.

  • Building the inner changing room and self-image you have always dreamed of.

  • Defining your personal style and being the real you.

  • How to make and meet your goals.

  • How to create that desired inner confidence.

  • Tips for dressing for differently unique body shapes and how to make real life trends work for you.

  • Personal care and grooming advice

  • How to shop like a pro and look fabulous (whilst saving money)

…will be discussed amongst many others.

Close-up of a woman with mahogany coloured hair, facing sideways, wearing a pair of black sunglasses, a red and white striped hairband and white pearl stud earrings. The woman is seen holding a mirror and applying bright red lipstick, against a bright blue sky backdrop.


Now for a quick question time:

Are there any topics that you would like me to address?

Are you interested in longer-form educational content or shorter tips and strategies?

Would you even like me to produce a blog series, with a number of post installments focused around one main topic?

Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below…

Before concluding, I would just like to make you aware of the rules for Jade Style Coaching’s™ blog:

Just to clarify, the details published in these blog posts and articles represents not just my personal views, but my knowledge gained as a Certified Style Coach™, as well as any relevant research conducted for the post in question. I would encourage you to respond and comment on any posts written and even make suggestions regarding content that you would like me to write about.

Although please ensure:

  • All comments are relevant to the current conversation, Style Coaching™ as a whole and add value to a discussion.

  • Respect is given and maintained towards other commenters.

  • Any comments made are not disrespectful, offensive or irrelevant. I moderate all comments and any that don’t respect the guidelines will be removed.

  • Don’t use this space to publish private information about yourself or other people.

  • Avoid using the comments space to advertise or promote yourself – for these types of opportunities, please contact me instead.

I will also try to respond to any comments made as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours of the comment being posted).

You can learn more about me as a Style Coach™, by visiting my about page.

A woman with shoulder length, curled, ginger hair, sitting upright on the floor with her legs stretched outwards, with one crossed over the other and an arm laid over the crossed over knee. The woman is wearing a black jumpsuit, a bright yellow and sage green patterned jacket, orange patterned waist belt and mid-heel black, ankle strap sandals.


Say Hello To The New You…

Style Coaching™ is about empowering individuals (such as yourselves) to create a unique style that expresses your true self, whilst encouraging you to discover and showcase your inner confidence to the world.

Please feel free to browse my blog and Service Overview Page to see if Style Coaching™ would benefit you. Note: even if you are not located within my service areas (as seen on my homepage), a virtual styling option could be created specifically for you, upon enquiry.

So, no matter your age, height and size, the right colours, styles and cuts will transform not just how you look, but how you feel about yourself. It is never too late to learn…

Louise Jade x


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