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Honeymoon Style Package

Want to look and feel fabulous on your honeymoon?

Ready to learn which colours really enhance your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour?

Would you like to learn the secrets of creating a travel capsule that is not only stylish, but will fit in your suitcase?

A couple walking along a beach on their honeymoon; with the wife wearing a white maxi dress and the husband a blue shirt and white shorts.

I’m sure as a bride to be, you’ve already started to think about your honeymoon…

Picture yourself walking along a beach or around a city; hand in hand with your new husband, wearing an outfit that you know you look and feel amazing in.

Sound good?

During your one to one Style Coaching™ appointments, you’ll receive bespoke advice on how to select the right colours for YOU and shopping for a honeymoon travel capsule, full of outfits that will make you look and feel holiday ready. Plus, as a bonus, the style knowledge you gain during this package can also be applied to your everyday wardrobe too. So, win-win!

If you haven’t previously enrolled on my Bridal Style Package, then feel free to book a separate Body Shape Analysis session and discover which styles best enhance your unique shape.

When you grab your place on my Honeymoon Style Package, you’ll learn the following:

Which colours best compliment your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour.


How to use your existing wardrobe as a starting point for creating stylish outfits suitable for your Honeymoon.


How to plan for a shopping trip and only shop for items your suitcase needs.

Your Honeymoon Style Package Includes:

Colour Analysis 

Did you know that wearing the right colours for YOU can brighten and enhance your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour?

A tonal colour analysis will involve me using my colour drapes to discover your dominant and secondary colouring; which will lead us to your colour season. Don’t worry I’ll explain what this all means during our session, but I’ll give you a hint…you’ll be recommended one of twelve colour palettes!

During your Colour Analysis Experience, we’ll also look at:

  • How to choose colours based on your colour season and wear them with confidence.

  • Discovering your personal list of “Wow Colours” (you know the colours that look absolutely amazing on you).

  • Identifying your most flattering neutral colours.

  • How you can confidently wear the existing colours in your wardrobe.

  • How to utilise the colour wheel to create effortless outfit colour combinations.


Plus after your session, you’ll receive your own mini colour season wallet (perfect for carrying in your handbag) and a downloadable digital colour season selector card.

As an additional bonus, I’ll work on creating a bespoke list of your most harmonising colours (with matching digital colour swatch) and email them to you afterwards.

Duration: pencil 2 – 2 ½ hours in your diary

Or 1 – 1 ½ hours for your Virtual Colour Analysis

A close-up of a series of red, yellow, blue and green colour drapes fanned out; used to conduct a colour analysis.
A camera shot of an organised and de-cluttered walk-in wardrobe space.

Wardrobe Analysis and Detox

Let’s get you closer to your dream Honeymoon wardrobe!

I’m sure you’ve already invested lots of time and money into your current wardrobe, so let’s make the best of it. We’ll take a look at which of your existing clothes and accessories would be suitable for your Honeymoon capsule and which items we need to find during our shopping trip.

Just note, I’ll kindly ask you to fill in and send me your Measurement Minder form at least a week before our consultation, if you haven’t completed one before.

During your In-Person Wardrobe Analysis and Detox, we’ll look at:

  • A brief look at clothing styles that would best suit your body shape.

  • The type of Honeymoon holiday you’re going on and how we can build a capsule that will work with your travel plans.

  • Essential items every travel capsule should contain.

  • Looking at your current clothes and accessories, to see whether they’re still suitable for your wardrobe, as well as those perfect for taking on holiday with you.

  • Creating a photo inventory and written checklist of what your wardrobe currently contains.

  • How to use your existing clothes and accessories to create stylish everyday outfits.

  • Guiding you through how to de-clutter your wardrobe.

  • Ways to re-organise your wardrobe space, including how to create a capsule wardrobe and recommendations for space-saving storage solutions.

  • Producing a shopping plan that highlights what your travel capsule needs and doesn’t.


Afterwards, I'll create and email you a virtual wardrobe lookbook that will categorise your current closet, with ideas on how to coordinate outfits and what to include in your travel capsule.

You’ll also receive your finished wardrobe checklist, shopping plan and a copy of the Makeover Your Wardrobe guide.

Duration: set aside 3 – 3 ½ hours

Or 1 ½ - 2 hours for your Virtual Wardrobe Analysis

A close-up of a woman looking up away from the camera, with smoky eye make-up; her hair styled in a top bun and wearing a party dress

Personal Shopping Experience

Whether you find going round the shops to be frustrating, stressful or confusing, perhaps a personal shopping trip will help you fall in love with clothes shopping (again)…

Although you can’t deny how exciting it’ll be to shop for your honeymoon wardrobe!

Your In-Person Personal Shopping Experience will include:

  • Research beforehand: I’ll take a trip around the shops and look for clothing styles and accessories for you to try on.   

  • Spending four hours browsing the shops at our chosen location.

  • Time for a coffee!


As an additional bonus, I'll get to work on your Personal Style Development Presentation, which will provide you with a summary of your Style Coaching™ journey.

Duration: pencil 4 hours in your diary

Or 3 hours for your Online Personal Shopping Service

A view of a department store display, with a mannequin on either side; a clothing rail at the back and a table display at the centre front.
A couple posing in front of the camera at their son’s wedding; with the woman wearing a green and white Mother of the Bride outfit.

In-Person Honeymoon Style Package Summary

Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis and Detox

Personal Shopping Experience


Total: £450 (10 Hours) – a saving of £115 (20% off) from purchasing these services separately

Available to pay in instalments

Virtual Honeymoon Style Package Summary

Virtual Colour Analysis

Virtual Wardrobe Analysis

Online Personal Shopping Service


Total: £315 (6 ½ Hours) – a saving of £80 (20% off) from buying these services individually

Available to pay in instalments

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from this package?

My Honeymoon Style Package is ideal for brides to be who want to plan a series of stylish outfits to suit them, in advance of their upcoming holiday.


If this is my first package, am I also able to book a body shape or style consultation alongside?

Yes, of course you can. Just note, if you add a body shape analysis or style session to your package plan, you’re entitled to 10% off the consultation fee.


Where and how frequently will our appointments take place?

Our in-person appointments will take place in Chandlers Ford (with the exception of our shopping trip), whilst we’ll meet over Google Meet for online appointments.


What payment methods do you accept?

For in-person appointments, I can take payment from all major credit and debit cards using my card reader.


For online appointments, I’ll send an online payment link by email before our session and would kindly ask for payment at least 48 hours before our consultation.

Ready to achieve your dream holiday style?

Would you like to learn the secrets to achieving effortless style, even when travelling with only the clothes and accessories available in your suitcase?


If so, please feel free to drop me an email and book yourself a Free 15 minute telephone call and let’s help you to look and feel fabulous on one of the most special holidays of your life!

A couple on their city based honeymoon; walking along a street, hugging, with the husband pulling a suitcase.
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