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Mother Of The Bride Package

Would you love to look and feel amazing at your daughter or son’s wedding?

Want to learn how to select colours and styles that emphasise your natural colouring and figure?

Ready to learn the secrets of effortless special occasion styling?

A close-up of a mother and daughter sitting next to each other, with the daughter’s head resting on her mother’s shoulder.

From the moment your daughter or son announced their engagement and upcoming wedding, I’m sure the thought of: “what am I going to wear?” crossed your mind.

You likely feel lost over which clothes and accessories would best suit your unique shape and sense of style. Chances are, you may even feel a little clueless over which colours would best emphasise your complexion, hair and eye colours and which less so. Despite this, you do know one thing for certain; you definitely want to look and feel great on this very special day.

Well, let’s make this happen for you…

Investing in one to one Style Coaching™ consultations will provide you with bespoke advice on discovering and shopping for a dream special occasion look that suits your personal style, body shape and natural colouring.

This package is for mothers of the bride (or groom) who want to invest in being their best self at their daughter or son’s wedding. As a bonus, the style knowledge you gain during this package can also be applied to your everyday wardrobe too. So, win-win!

Just so you know, I also have a Bridal Style Package that would be perfect for your daughter!

When you grab your place on my Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Package, you’ll learn the following:

How to dress to enhance your body shape, whilst staying true to your personal style.

Which colours best compliment your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour.

How to shop for a special occasion outfit that you’ll love and exude confidence in.

Your Mother of the Bride Package Includes:

Style and Body Shape Analysis Consultation

Consider how good it would feel to wear a special occasion outfit to your son or daughter’s wedding, that reflects your unique personal style and accentuates your amazing body shape?

Just note, I’ll kindly ask you to fill in a Measurement minder at least a week before our consultation, so I can prepare your virtual body shape presentation in advance.

During your combined Style and Body Shape Consultation, we’ll cover:

  • Your style likes, dislikes and challenges.

  • Where to look for Mother of the Bride (or Groom) style inspiration.

  • How to create a special occasion style that resonates with your authentic self.

  • How to dress for your style personality, plus style personality questionnaire.

  • How to choose accessories for your style type.

  • Suggestions on brands and shops that are perfect for your style personality.

  • Discovering your body shape, with advice on how to create a special occasion style that enhances your shape and conceals areas you’re a little more self-conscious of.

  • Tips on how to look taller, slimmer and younger.

  • How to choose the correct foundation garments for your outfit (think bras and shapewear).

  • How to accessorise and wear colour for a well-balanced shape.

  • An introduction to body image coaching and how to learn to love yourself again.


Plus after your session, I will create and email you a Pintrest board, full of inspiration for special occasion dressing for your style personality and body shape.

You’ll also receive your style personality and body shape cheat sheets, as well as a virtual body shape presentation, full of ideas and tips on enhancing your amazing shape.

Duration: set aside 2 ½ - 3 hours in your diary

A bride and groom posing outside a church with the Mothers of the Bride and Groom dressed in Mother of the Bride attire.
A close-up of a series of red, yellow, blue and green colour drapes fanned out; used to conduct a colour analysis.

Colour Analysis

Did you know that wearing the right colours for YOU can brighten and enhance your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour?

A tonal colour analysis involves me using my colour drapes, to discover your dominant and secondary colourings, which will lead us to your colour season. Don’t worry I’ll explain what all this means during our session, but I’ll give you a hint…you’ll be recommended one of twelve colour palettes!

During your Colour Analysis Experience, we’ll also look at:

  • How to choose colours based on your colour season and wear them with confidence.

  • Discovering your personal list of “Wow Colours” (you know the colours that look absolutely amazing on you)!

  • Identifying your most flattering neutral colours.

  • How to utilise the colour wheel to create effortless outfit colour combinations.


Plus after your session, you’ll receive your own mini colour season wallet (perfect for carrying in your handbag) and a downloadable digital colour season selector card.

As an additional bonus, I’ll work on creating a bespoke list of your most harmonising colours (with matching digital colour swatch) and email them to you afterwards.

Duration: pencil 2 – 2 ½ hours in your diary

Or 1 – 1 ½ hours for your Virtual Colour Analysis

A close-up of a woman looking up away from the camera, with smoky eye make-up; her hair styled in a top bun and wearing a party dress

Personal Shopping Experience

Now let’s bring everything together and spend some time shopping for a special occasion outfit in colours and styles that best suit your personal style, shape and colouring.

Your Personal Shopping Experience includes:

  • Researching which boutiques we’ll visit, as well as the clothes and accessories I’ll select for you to try on.

  • Spending four hours browsing the shops at our chosen location(s).

  • Plus, time for a coffee!


As an additional bonus, I’ll get to work on your Personal Style Development presentation, which will provide you with a summary of your Style Coaching™ journey.

Duration: allocate 4 hours

Or 3 hours for your Online Personal Shopping Service

A close-up of multiple light blue, lilac and purple coloured, special occasion dresses hanging on a clothing rail in a boutique.
A couple posing in front of the camera at their son’s wedding; with the woman wearing a green and white Mother of the Bride outfit.


“Thank you Louise for your help in choosing my dress for my son's wedding on 1 May. As a natural classic style personality I wanted an unfussy outfit that I could wear again. My belted jersey dress ticked all the boxes and really flattered my hourglass figure. Spruce and white was spot on for my cool summer colour palette and toned beautifully with the bride's accent colours of green and burnt orange - my husband even bought a shirt to match me!


Thanks also for the tips about green eye-liner and neutral nail polish - they finished off my look for the special day."

Alison, M, Eastleigh

In-Person Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Package Summary

Style and Body Shape Analysis Consultation

Colour Analysis

Personal Shopping Experience


Total: £510 (9 ½ Hours) – a saving of £60 (10% off) from booking these services separately

Available to pay in instalments

Virtual Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Package Summary

Virtual Style and Body Shape Analysis Consultation

Virtual Colour Analysis

Online Personal Shopping Service


Total: £410 (7 ½ hours) – a saving of £45 (10% off) from buying these services individually

Available to pay in instalments

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from this package?

Any Mother of the Bride (or Groom) who wants to look and feel fabulous on her daughter or son’s wedding day.


I’ve finished my package and would now like to update my everyday wardrobe. Which sessions would you recommend that weren’t covered during my Mother of the Bride Package?

I recommend enrolling on individual Wardrobe Analysis and Detox and Personal Shopping sessions, in order to fill the gaps needed to help you build a wardrobe that works for YOU.


Where and how frequently will our appointments take place?

Our in-person appointments will take place in Chandlers Ford (with the exception of our shopping trip), whilst we’ll meet over Google Meet for online appointments.


What payment methods do you accept?

For in-person appointments, I can take payment from all major credit and debit cards using my card reader.


For online appointments, I’ll send an online payment link by email before our session and would kindly ask for payment at least 48 hours before our consultation.

Ready to discover a special occasion outfit that makes you exude confidence?

Let’s discover the styles and colours that will really do you justice and make you feel fabulous at your son or daughter’s wedding.

Please feel free to drop me an email and book yourself a Free 15 minute telephone call and take the first step towards discovering a special occasion outfit that works for YOU!

A close-up of the Mother of the Bride doing up the buttons on the bride’s lace wedding dress.
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