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Welcome To Jade Style Coaching™

Say Hello To The New You

Do you love the idea of stepping outside your font door, wearing a well-coordinated outfit, full of colours that work for you?



Knowing how to dress and shop for your best (and most confident) self are valuable skills…to be honest, I’m surprised they’re not taught at school!


Having a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories that suit you and your lifestyle will not only make coordinating stylish outfits that suit you each morning a breeze, but save you time and money in the long run.


Plus, did I mention how wearing clothes that you know you look amazing in; will also make you feel more confident too!

Ultimately, Style Coaching™ is an investment in yourself and your wardrobe and can help you to:


Develop a style unique to you that suits your body shape, natural colouring, lifestyle and budget.


Feel inspired to create new outfits from your existing wardrobe.


Learn why we plan our shopping trips in advance and stop wasting money on clothes you’ll only wear once, if ever.


Realise the power of coaching techniques and exercises in improving your body confidence and self-esteem.


Now are you ready to see how I can help YOU?

Plus, did you know I offer gift certificates too?

Book your free 15 minute phone call and let’s discuss how I can get you from:


Being clueless about personal style and dressing for your body shape and natural colouring


Lacking enthusiasm for your current wardrobe


Falling in the “impulse shopping trap” and later regretting your purchases


Feeling unconfident and lacking body confidence



Having awareness of your individual personal style


Knowing how to dress to enhance your unique, beautiful body shape


Learning which colours best enhance your skin’s complexion, hair and eye colour


Taking stock of your current wardrobe and gaining new outfit inspiration from your existing collection


Learning how to shop for a stylish wardrobe, whilst considering your wardrobe’s needs and budget

A portrait shot of a woman standing, posing and smiling at the camera, wearing a navy blazer and navy and white horizontal top


“After my extremely enjoyable and insightful consultations with Louise at Jade Style Coaching™, I have streamlined my wardrobe and it now only contains items that reflect who I am now and make me feel happy and good about myself.

Thanks to Louise, I now shop with the confidence of knowing what style, shape, design, fabric, fit and colour suits me best, which makes clothes shopping a real pleasure. This has also had financial benefits, as I’m no longer wasting money on items that I would have rarely worn. I now only buy clothes that I love and feel I look great in and will wear all the time.

My sessions with Louise have been a fantastic investment in myself and my bank balance!”

J Pearce, Chandlers Ford (seen on the right here)

Now, here’s a little bit about me as your Style Coach™ and how I will help you achieve the style and wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of…

I’m Louise Jade, a Certified Style Coach™ and member of the International Association of Style Coaches™; operating in and around Winchester in Southern Hampshire, UK. 

With my love for all things fashion and style, I feel such joy helping my clients achieve the personal style, wardrobe and confidence that they’ve always wanted and quite frankly, deserve.

My personal styling sessions and packages work to address your style and wardrobe challenges. We’ll focus on how to bring a new lease of life to your current wardrobe and why planning new purchases will stop you wasting your time and money on clothes and accessories that don’t suit you or your lifestyle.

Trust, me when I say the trick is to know how; something which I can definitely teach you…

But most importantly, whilst I want you to come away from our session(s) having learnt something new about yourself and your style; I want you to have fun too!

A portrait shot of the founder of Jade Style Coaching, looking towards the camera at an angle, wearing a Jade green dress


“I contacted Louise following changes in my working life and body weight, which left me with a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t fit me and that weren’t appropriate for my current lifestyle. I no longer knew what my style was and needed help with developing a new one, dressing to enhance my new body shape and creating a capsule wardrobe from which I could build upon with seasonal items.


Our initial meeting allowed us to get to know each other, before discussing my current style, paving the way for the Defining Your Personal Style session where we looked at my style likes and dislikes, helping me to discover my ”Style Personality”. I really enjoyed the Body Shape Analysis session when Louise identified my unique body shape and gave me great tips on how to enhance my new figure, as well as what items and garments to avoid. During the colour analysis session, Louise used a wide range of colour tools and drapes to identify my colour season, as well as my “wow colours”. I loved the colour swatches she gave me to take clothes shopping. At our final meeting we used a wardrobe inventory checklist to analyse my current wardrobe and make a shopping list of clothes and accessories to suit the new me.

With all our sessions summarised in my Personal Style Development Presentation, which included purchasing recommendations based on my budget and preferred brands, I now have all that I need to shop confidently for my new body shape and style.”


Alison M, Eastleigh

Fancy some bedtime reading?


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So why don’t you follow me for daily tips and inspiration on all things Style Coaching™?


“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Louise. I learnt a lot about my style and my own preferences and received useful advice regarding my colours and body shape. I feel more confident picking outfits now and understand how different shapes and colours can impact your overall appearance.

I recommend Louise to anyone who would like to learn how to best dress for their shape and learn more about their personal style.”

Harriet C, Southampton

A close-up of a department store display, showcasing a pair of red stilettos, a black messenger bag and a black and white striped clutch and heels

So no matter your shape, age and height, the right colours and styles will transform your appearance and provide you with the confidence to develop your own individual personal style (certainly without paying a small fortune).

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Plus much more – well I can’t reveal everything can I?

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