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A close-up of a rail full of clothes from a Colourful Capsule Wardrobe, with colours like blue, green, yellow, red and pink.

Look and Feel Fabulously Confident With Your Own Colourful Capsule Wardrobe!

The unique Colour-Focused approach to building a Capsule Wardrobe that suits your natural colouring, shape, individual style and lifestyle.

Colour Is The Foundation Of Our Wardrobes

Let’s reinvent how we imagine the Capsule Wardrobe we’ve always dreamed of having.
Say goodbye to the traditional, basic (and let’s be honest boring) Capsule Wardrobe full of only neutral colours. Say Hello to your new, exciting Capsule Wardrobe full of colour and personality!

Discover Your Best Styles and Colours

Dress for your shape and natural colouring with confidence. Notice the emphasis on colour heh? You might be quite surprised by what you end up falling in love with!

Take Control Of Your Wardrobe – Finally!

Reduce clutter – hmm… Discover your unique personal style - yes! Create more colourful outfits from less (and quickly too), no matter the occasion – definitely! What’s not to like?

Save Yourself Time and Money

Just think, you’ll never waste money on clothes you’ll rarely (if ever) wear again. Plus, being more sustainable with our fashion choices is always a good thing. Remember, quality over quantity!

Interested to see how I can help you look and feel amazing, all while simplifying your wardrobe...

A close-up of a rail full of clothes from a Colourful Capsule Wardrobe, with colours like blue, green, yellow, red and pink.

The Colourful Capsule Wardrobe Program Coming Soon!!!

A 3 month program that combines the community, group feel with time for 1:1 sessions with myself and exclusive self-study modules. Plus, plenty of bonuses and goodies along the way!

“I contacted Louise following changes in my working life and body weight, which left me with a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t fit me and that weren’t appropriate for my current lifestyle. I no longer knew what my style was and needed help with developing a new one, dressing to enhance my new body shape and creating a capsule wardrobe from which I could build upon with seasonal items.
Our initial meeting allowed us to get to know each other, before discussing my current style, paving the way for the Defining Your Personal Style session where we looked at my style likes and dislikes, helping me to discover my ”Style Personality”. I really enjoyed the Body Shape Analysis session when Louise identified my unique body shape and gave me great tips on how to enhance my new figure, as well as what items and garments to avoid. During the colour analysis session, Louise used a wide range of colour tools and drapes to identify my colour season, as well as my “wow colours”. I loved the colour swatches she gave me to take clothes shopping. At our final meeting we used a wardrobe inventory checklist to analyse my current wardrobe and make a shopping list of clothes and accessories to suit the new me.
With all our sessions summarised in my Personal Style Development Presentation, which included purchasing recommendations based on my budget and preferred brands, I now have all that I need to shop confidently for my new body shape and style.”

Alison, M. UK

A close-up of a rail full of clothes from a Colourful Capsule Wardrobe, with colours like blue, green, yellow, red and pink.


Welcome to my stylishly colourful corner of the web!

I’m Lou, the founder of Jade Style Coaching™ and creator of the Colourful Capsule Wardrobe framework. Fun fact: Jade’s my middle name and plus being a shade of green, it seemed the perfect name for a styling business!


As a Style Coach™, I love nothing more than showing my group of ambitious, professional women how transformative colour is.


Colour is the foundation of our wardrobe and style. The key to how we express our authentic selves, no matter the occasion. So, why wouldn’t we want to add more colour to our outfits?


I’m a huge fan of not just bringing colour into all aspects of the styling process, but simplifying our wardrobes. All without compromising on style and personality!


Find out how the Colourful Capsule Wardrobe came to be…

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A portrait of Louise (founder of Jade Style Coaching™), smiling and wearing a deep scoop, A-line green dress.
“After my extremely enjoyable and insightful consultations with Louise at Jade Style Coaching™, I have streamlined my wardrobe and it now only contains items that reflect who I am now and make me feel happy and good about myself.
Thanks to Louise, I now shop with the confidence of knowing what style, shape, design, fabric, fit and colour suits me best, which makes clothes shopping a real pleasure. This has also had financial benefits, as I’m no longer wasting money on items that I would have rarely worn. I now only buy clothes that I love and feel I look great in and will wear all the time.
My sessions with Louise have been a fantastic investment in myself and my bank balance!”

Jane, P. UK

So, Let’s Take You From

Having a disorganised, cluttered closet, full of items that don’t fit, flatter or make you feel good about yourself.

Having no clue which styles and colours would best enhance your shape and colouring (let alone make you feel confident).

Wearing the same old boring, “safe” outfits each day that do nothing to showcase you and your unique personality.

Wasting time and money buying items that don’t work for you and you’ll never wear.

Lacking confidence in yourself and your image, so much so that you dress to hide rather than enhance.

To Having a Colourful Capsule Wardrobe Full Of Styles and Colours That Suit You and Your Lifestyle. Fancy?

Having an organised Capsule Wardrobe, with fewer quality pieces that can be easily mixed and matched into multiple outfits.

Feeling confident to express your true natural beauty (inside and out) by wearing the right styles and colours for you.

Creating your unique Signature Style, with a wardrobe full of outfits and colours that reflect you and your personality.

Saving yourself lots of time and money, only buying new clothes and accessories that work for you and your lifestyle.

 Giving yourself the confidence boost that you deserve that leaves you excited to go out and showcase your new image.

Well, Now Its Over To You…

Book yourself a discovery call today and make this amazing investment in yourself and your image!









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