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Personal Shopping

Would you like to stop wasting money on clothes that you’ll only wear once, if ever?


Want to spend less time wandering around the shops, with no clue what you’re looking for?


Ready to learn the secrets to buying a quality wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle?


Well, you’re in the right place…

A style coach on a personal shopping trip with a client, who is holding a jumper up to her neck, looking sideways from the camera.
We’ve all been guilty of impulsively buying clothes on at least one occasion. You see that dress in the shops that you absolutely love and must have, only to wear it once and its left hanging at the back of your closet. These spending habits not only take up valuable space in your wardrobe, but cost you money too!

Remember, quality not quantity!

Did you know that a personal shopping trip can help you:

  • Gain a taste of some of the styles and colours that would suit your body shape and natural colouring.

  • Discover the secrets of navigating clothing and department stores with ease, to find the items you’re looking for.

  • Explore new brands and shops that you would never have considered.

  • Resist the urge to impulse buy and say never again to purchases you don’t need or will never wear.

A personal shopping experience is the ideal investment for you, if you’re ready to learn how to shop with purpose and work towards building a wardrobe that works for YOU.

Although I would just like to clarify, that there is no pressure to buy anything during your personal shopping session if you don’t want to. You’re free to use this experience as a chance to learn how to shop for your shape, style, colouring, lifestyle and budget.


Here are the Personal Shopping services I offer:

Personal Shopping Experience (In-Person)

Online Personal Shopping Service

Before we start, would you like to learn the secrets to dressing for your body shape?

Personal Shopping Experience (In-Person)

Whether you find going round the shops to be frustrating, stressful or confusing, perhaps a personal shopping trip will help you fall in love with clothes shopping…

Your In-Person Personal Shopping Experience will include:

  • A telephone call before to discuss: your style challenges; whether you’re after a special occasion outfit or items for your everyday wardrobe and which shops we will visit.

  • Research beforehand: I’ll take a trip around the shops myself; to take note of clothing styles and accessories that I feel would work for you and are worth trying on.

  • Spending four hours browsing the shops at our chosen location.

  • Time for a coffee!

  • Plus a follow-up telephone call to gain feedback on any purchases made and your recommended next steps.


The investment value of this experience is: £225

Duration: pencil 4 hours in your diary

Although if you would like to have a longer shopping trip, then it would mean an investment of £50 per additional hour we spend together browsing the shops.

A view of a department store display, with a mannequin on either side; a clothing rail at the back and a table display at the centre front.

How would 20% off your Personal Shopping Experience sound? Why don’t you book a joint Personal Shopping Experience for you and a friend?

So that would mean an investment of £180 each (a saving of £45 from booking your Experience separately)


Duration: let’s allow 5 hours for your joint Experience

A close-up of a woman wearing work attire, sitting at a desk, looking down at her laptop, completing online shopping.

Online Personal Shopping Experience

However, if you have a busy, hectic lifestyle where finding the time to visit the shops would be near impossible, but are desperate to find some new, stylish clothes, then I have the solution for you…

…an Online Personal Shopping service, where I browse the shops online for you!

Your Online Personal Shopping service will involve:

  • A telephone or video call before to discuss: your style challenges; whether you’re after a special occasion outfit or items for your everyday wardrobe, your budget and which retailers I will browse for you.

  • Three hours browsing online retailers on your behalf. Afterwards I will email you a series of vision boards with shoppable links where suggested items can be purchased from.

  • A follow-up telephone or video call for you to give your feedback.


The investment value of your online personal shopping service is: £165

Duration: Allow 3 hours for my shopping research

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will my session take place?

Our personal shopping experience will take place at an agreed high street or shopping centre, whereas, the online shopping service will take place remotely.

What payment methods do you accept?

For in-person appointments, I can take payment from all major credit and debit cards using my card reader.
For online appointments, I will email you an online payment link after our first telephone or video call and would kindly ask for payment within a week of the call.

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